Sports Betting Vs Stock Market – Which One Is More Profitable?

Sports Betting Vs Stock Market – Which One Is More Profitable?
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  1. comicmartusa

    The sum of sports watching is that they want to see someone get hurt

  2. Jarvis Logan

    Sports betting is definitely way more profitable. Especially done right with discipline and bankroll management.

  3. Grayson Kiser

    What sports books do you recommend that provide nba field goal percentage?

  4. StyngRay

    I am in Ohio and they are making online gambling legal in 2023. Just saw your channel. I am sure you know your stuff in sports betting. But with all due respect you are clueless about the global capital and debt markets. Long story short… how about a 365% annual internal rate of return in the currency market. ie shorting the USDMXN. That is the normal not some rare event. How about inverse QQQs and short the broad index. This is done day night 365 days a year. Professional gambling and trading share the same risk statistics. Do you believe the hedge fund owners and CEOs will wait a year or so to get their money? LOL Hell No. Those guys are on the tarmac Dec 15th with their escorts ready to land in St. Barts.

  5. PoloParachutes

    I’ve been trying to lean how to trade the markets for years, it’s where I learned about risk a management the hard way.

    Meanwhile sports betting become legal in my state a month ago and have made more money in it than I have trading financial markets for years lol nothing crazy but sports betting just makes more sense to me esp with the strat I use.

  6. Asian Paradise

    And then you have penny stocks and day traders which are probably even more volatile than sports betting

  7. Bakari Jenkins

    sp0rts betting is the new 0il m0ney for the pe0ple with patients and understand how it w0rks,there pr0moting it everywhere because most people will never have patience,this will make alot of people h0meless and alot of people very wealthy

  8. David Clark

    Sportsbetting by a mile.
    The stock market is severely manipulated and corrupt. The only winners there are insider traders.

  9. Cricket chronicles

    Hey bro , do you watch cricket

  10. Shawn Penney

    I haven't forgot about you all yet……….when i get my bankroll right i will hit you all up

  11. Mdu Magana

    Your right…. sports betting does tend to be rather emotional… thats why we have "favourites" etc! and I see why you dont watch games you've placed bets on…
    I think if bettors had the discipline of investors…. a lot more would be more successful.

  12. Point2Five Tips

    Brilliantly explained

  13. Cody Mac

    I want to book a phone call if I can?

  14. 1xBet Betting Tips and Tricks

    Hey, I am following your channel from last 4-5 months and you actually make a sense in all the videos. However, I am unable to follow the discipline for more then 7-8 days. I always start small and keep on winning the bets until one day I loose my control. This keeps happening with me and I am unable to control myself on that particular day. Could you please help me out with that like how to control my minf when i loose and bet and I shouldn’t chase the losses instantly.

    I want to do sports betting as a carrier and I have been left with last 20,000$. I generally bet on cricket and I am good in that but when there are no cricket matches i start to bet on other soorts like tennis and basketball. I want to be a professional bettor

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