Week 9 NFL Predictions

Week 9 NFL Predictions
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  1. Devin M

    every time you say 'Dallas Cowboys, america's team' I'm going to respond with

    they aren't america's team and they aren't in Dallas

  2. Rance Warschak

    Lol got em all wrong

  3. Jerry Jeudy


  4. siberian bull9

    Oh man jon won again

  5. Dennis Reesman

    America's team is a Broncos dream. Broncos own dem cowboys

  6. SalmonsDontDie

    Uh oh…

  7. GarudaHasRisen

    I’m laughing because I watched this after the bills lost 😂 😂 😂

  8. Tig Miester

    Subscribed just to watch ur next video where u are upset about the cowboys

  9. Jeremy McKinney

    That didn't age well

  10. Merlow

    When was the last time Cowboys beat the Broncos?!?!😭🤣😭🤫

  11. Connor Callahan

    How bout dem Cowboys

  12. Samuel Hartmann

    If jon can rally and bear scooter a few more times the final punishment should be scooter having to attend the eagles cowboys game dressed as an eagles fan


    I think Jon going to church change his luck, he’s been blessed

  14. michael perry

    Bruh I hope you go on undisputed when skip bay less and incl Shay Shay when the cowboys win the Super Bowl

  15. gilbert cuellar

    Colts won on Thursday Night Football lol. Against the Jets….

  16. TheBest Ninja

    John who?

  17. zendwayne

    Scooter. You’ve already started out on a bad note. Jets loss to the Colts 45-30.

  18. Kyle Kynard

    Wow! I'm very impressed with Jon! It's hard for me to disagree with any of his picks 💪🏾🔥💯

  19. Mia Amundson

    you should start picking the colts now ….you literally had them losing to the jets ….get the hate out ya blood scooter

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