Reviewing Round One of the NHL Entry Draft

Reviewing Round One of the NHL Entry Draft

Reviewing Round One of the NHL Entry Draft

Okay, I will not declare winners and losers, just go over who was drafted where and which picks look riskier than others right now.

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  1. purple air

    thought matty beniers should have gone #1 at the time, and i still think so

  2. Ass Rammington

    Coilers gonna Coil

    Their fans are mainlining copium at this moment with Wallstedt looking like the best GOALIE in the AHL not just best rookie goalie.

    Thanks for the dumbass pick again Holland. Love, Wild fan

    McDrai cup less in Edmonton forever while the Wild get multiple parades with the Great Wall of St Paul.

    😂 @ Coilers fans

  3. Sparky Wildcat

    Bolduc? With Lucius still there? Armstrong's pretty sharp……but Damn! Of course, Zachary would seem to be Berube's kind of player.

  4. Kurt Callaghan

    University Of Michigan really ought to be better considering they have 4 of this years top 5 picks.

  5. Jared Cook

    Did Vancouver not draft in the 1st round?

  6. Ben Dover

    Sens management was asked why they didn’t move down. Speculation that the rangers were set on taking him at 15, and they didn’t want to lose him.

  7. Rorschach

    Can you edit the titles of your videos to include the draft year? I clicked on this one and saw this year's draft as expected. Then I clicked on your Reviewing Round Two Of The NHL draft and it was the 2nd round of last year's draft…

  8. Moritz Guderian

    leafs are so dumb for trading their 1st again

  9. Evan N-T

    I was so high on Bolduc this draft, sad the Wild we’re able to get that quality young center 😔

  10. Damnit_galio

    Red wings won first round!

  11. Antonio Alastra

    As a Wings fan, I was 50/50 between Eklund and Edvinsson but I slightly wanted Edvinsson more because I think strong defense and strong goaltending is arguably more important than offense. Two things you can not win without: Excellent defense and excellent goaltending. Sure your offense can score 3 goals a game but if your defense and goalie is allowing 4 goals your not winning the game. We also went for offense last year with Raymond, plus next year's draft is going to be stacked with forwards like Wright, Savioe, Lambert….etc and we could have a chance to draft one of them. Plus Detroit already has a lot of offensive power with Larkin, Vrana, Bertuzzi, Hirose, Erne, Zadina, Rasmussen, Smith, Fabbri, Veleno and hopefully Raymond and Berggren soon not to mention other promising late rounders like Soderblom and Grewe….etc. So that's another reason why I wanted a top rated defenseman with that 6th pick. Edvinsson is like 6 ft 4 and over 200 pounds, imagine him on a line with Seider. You got two huge defenseman you gotta get through and then you also gotta beat a 6 ft 6 goalie. Yzerman addressed Detroit's goalie situation with Cossa and bolster up the blue line with Edvinsson. I give Yzerman a solid B+, my only complaint is that he traded up and chose Cossa when Wallstedt was still available. I mean I guess it doesn't really matter. Most rankings had them equal, or Wallstedt as slightly better. But hey, I trust Stevie Y. Only time will tell. Let's not forget when he chose Seider at 6th in 2019 we were all like WTF. I was pissed at first lol 😆 and gave Yzerman a solid B- (which would have been a C- had it been Holland). But now that choice is paying off very well. Seider was recently named the SHL defenseman of the year and looks like the real deal

  12. Kurt Callaghan

    Dallas should have traded down again. Someone had a pick in the top 40 they wanted to move up from.

  13. Per

    Some friendly criticism: You're very friendly, but would be more interesting to be more critical by comparing the picks with "what is left".

    They picked this, which is fine, but they DID NOT PICK THIS…

  14. Patrick Garcia

    The elated william specifically coil because driving acutely fire at a left governor. real, holistic note

  15. PhoenixofPrometheus

    I’m so happy the Flames got Coronato, I think he’ll end up be one of the best players in this draft. However I’m pissed the Flames passed on Stankoven and Raty in the 2nd

  16. TheWolfdoctor

    I like the way the Red Wings are rebuilding. Very smart.

  17. Keiran

    Laughed my ass off when you said the 3rd Hughes brother could come to the devils. It's a dream, the next instalment of the stall brothers …. think I missed a pun there but it's early. Good breakdown! Devils prospect pool on paper looks very very good. shame about bastain, fee like our second pick in the draft was to replace that loss maybe, although Stillman is a RW too?

  18. ScummyDummy

    The Hughes Brothers, how cool would that be! U do kinda get feelin bad for Q though. They're Plymouth kids I hope they all get to play together would that be a first 3 bros on a line potentially

  19. Michael Trottier

    I heard about the difference between Cossa and Wallstedt was the pre-draft interviews Yzerman had with each. Cossa was a character guy with a better work ethic. Thats why they went that way with him. It is the same thing they did when he surprised the hockey world taking Seider and look how that turned out. I trust Yzerman. Lol.

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