1. Kendrick's Beast Squad

    Man, I wish players in the 1880s, 1890s, 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 30s, 40s had this when they played

  2. SwedishGuyOnYouTube

    God bless that kid. Hope he’s getting some of that GuardianCap money.

  3. Messiah of Anabolic Activities

    hell no that shit looks like some ass, ill take a concussion in my speedflex over that thing

  4. David Wright

    This won't happen because the helmet brands won't be able to show off they're new styles

  5. Vincent Leone

    I got these special sneakers… they let you jump off buildings with no problem. If you don't believe this… you shouldn't believe in concussion proof helmets.

  6. The frog

    Not good, he overlooked ventilation that would only work in north Canada also football helmets are flexible and wobble that absorbs the contact he only measured the force on the outside not the inside and the outside doesn’t matter the inside does

  7. Chromie Clown

    Where are the ear holes, you won’t be able to hear shit

  8. chales meyers

    How about helmets that collapse like cars. You just change helmet after each impact

  9. chales meyers

    I thought of that. Not complicated. I guess the nfl doesn’t want to try that

  10. Flynn Hannaway

    How bout dont play football and fuck yourself up

  11. Trey McGee

    Ahw hell nah imma just keep my speedflex😎👍🏽

  12. Cooper Lovelace

    This shit is stupid. Literally will not help. Do people even know how concussions work

  13. Peyton

    As a wide receiver i think I’ll stick with my schutt f7

  14. Alxandrodagreat! !

    That helmet looks like toads hat 😂😭😭

  15. Aaron Torix

    I’ll stay with my brand new speedflex

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