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Thursday NBA Best Bets for March 16th, 2023 (3/16/2023)! In this video I give you my lean ATS on each NBA game. Make sure to keep an eye on the *pinned comment for my final plays* (updated throughout the day).

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NBA Picks: Free NBA Bets, Picks, Predictions, and Player Props

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  1. robert hanisee

    I hit this with you last night … I'm rocking with you but missed the first series of games today.

  2. AK-47 LIL OC

    Made $500 yesterday with the NCAA picks 🤝🏼

  3. Marquan Cooley

    They took the whole slip down on pp 😮

  4. Evan Faifer

    Randle is 4 assists now

  5. Jordan Wilson

    What that Pascal one?

  6. GradeaFlicks

    Congrats on the hit. Made a decent profit with NHL last night but missed 1 and a couple SOG props pushed

  7. Jhoan Fernandez

    Do you guys post your picks before the games start ? If so around what time do y’all drop them?

  8. Guy Boston Sports

    SHATTER that LIKE button!

    – Kings +2.5 (-110)

  9. DeAngelo Gorman

    I need your help. You know how in your model the games go to the bottom of the table after it's over. How do I make my numbers that I crunched follow the team?

  10. Your Dad

    Dude, where’s today’s video? (3/17) it’s getting late in the day!

  11. Uncutt Talk Tv

    Took kings money line 💰 🤑 💸 💲

  12. Tim Hoang

    Got my lock in +3 king with sprinkle on ml and
    Thunder +6.5
    Thanks for the video and gave a good vacation my guy

  13. Andrew Forlizzi

    BKN Lock of the century

  14. Jeffrey Smoliak

    BOSTON you the Man👍…
    And don't let anyone discourage you from doing your teasers.. normally you always hit them 💯. Just the last 2 times was a lost.
    NO BIGGIE BRO.. keep teasers going Boston.

  15. fly4life 10

    Are these bets individual or for a parlay?

  16. Billy Judd

    Enjoy your vacation Ev! Screw these guys, they can wait a week to get betting advice 😂

  17. T Brissy

    Banger last night ev baby got lil extra trick off funds for vacay😏

  18. jay gee

    How do i get your locks? Lmk
    Btw fellow C’s fan here

  19. Eddy Teddy

    Ayyy!!! See I knew you would kill with straight bets! Teasers aren’t it

  20. joshua38410

    Good call on the heat. I was so sure grizzlies would win. Glad i didnt bet them.

  21. Andrew Novoa

    Im kinda feelin the thunder +5.5 and the suns -7.5
    2 team parlay

  22. quinton haley


  23. Doja Dr

    Enjoy that vacation man. Thanks for the video. Went a nice 4-1. Took kawhi over 3.5 assist and I hit big on sabonis triple double +400 on that one!!! Keep up the great work.

  24. Karma 2.0

    Great night, let’s keep this going. Enjoy ur vacation

  25. Michael Mcintyre

    Since switching to you and following you I've increased my profit margin by 205%… You are the man and I'd like to sign up but I don't know how

  26. Nahshon Manzano

    Lopez is good to go..only Allen is injured..bucks all the way..

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