How to play striker – Score more goals and Football training session

How to play striker – Score more goals and Football training session

How to play striker - Score more goals and Football training session

Ultimate goal scoring, shooting and finishing training session
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Learning how to score goals in different positions is important. This training session is the ultimate football shooting session for strikers or goal scorers


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  1. Aleyeldin Ahmed

    What if I'm alone, no partner to work with,what shall I do then?

  2. Mr.jakir hosen Ronny Ronny


  3. Extreme

    Having confidence in front of goal is quite hard for me esp when my teammates always put so much pressure on me by shouting 'shoot shoot' but when I do and it's off target,they complain. Smh

  4. Ben Curtis

    Leo had trials at Newmarket eja right I’m pretty sure it was him on my team

  5. FEyN

    And also one thing that I was the worst player of my team after seeing the video and practiced I am the best player of my term

  6. FEyN

    Str channel your are great I have improved shooting and dribbling Str keep making videos like this.

  7. Dwaipayan Datta Roy

    He is dope she grann maa

  8. Dwaipayan Datta Roy

    You can have me for free as a volunteer , I will learn a lot

  9. Dream Team

    I have Leo's shirt

  10. saurabh sehgal

    What exactly is Eprosoke Training Program? How does this thing really work? I see lots of people keep on speaking about this popular training course.

  11. Freddie seeby

    Use both feet then tje defender dont know which way u are going

  12. Amar Hussain

    Wow, i remember this channel from 3 years ago, I used to always watch these videos and then go in the garden and practice

  13. Kian Kennedy

    Am good at headers


    bad camra man
    full video is shaked

  15. Faisal Abdul

    He missed unluck head opps 😱

  16. dean marks

    What Darcy can do with a bin #flipagram created using @flipagram @EssexCountyFA @SheCanPlayUK @fgfc_girls
    Please subscribe to Dean Marks to watch Darcy marks girls football videos 👍

  17. abdel ali

    tell this to benzema

  18. Kabita Gurung

    Leo have got his new boots.

  19. Vortex3

    Are going to see the 90 days series continued?

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