1. Lori ribble

    Let goo he like gaints

  2. DB_Savage Prodz™

    Hey,for you, it’s to bad we killed Kentucky. 44-6 😂

  3. Marcus Mason

    He only got Alabama and Kentucky wrong

  4. RC prods

    I love how every clap is off beat

  5. Pickle Sports

    Thanks for having faith in Kentucky because I am actually a Kentucky fan

  6. A_ casual_youtuber

    I can’t

  7. A_ casual_youtuber

    Agree with you on Georgia on Alabama and Kentucky

  8. Young project

    They lost against South Carolina

  9. Grzegorz Wiktor

    Your room is so dirty

  10. Andrew Edwards

    Hooker will never be in a TN Jersey again 😭

  11. Lauren Buchanan

    Georgia is number one 12/0

  12. Blank Clan

    South Carolina beat them to death

  13. Connor Boyle

    The timing with the ball and the claps is impecible

  14. Jake_TheSnake

    9-2 currently

  15. Phoenix

    Lol they best Alabama, but still lost to South Carolina 💀😂

    Edit: I’m not a South Carolina fan I’m a Texas fan


    Nigga , clap on beat please .. retard

  17. tyler camara

    Here after they lose to South Carolina.

  18. h2o uzi

    here ater they got clowned by sc 🤡

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