4 Spoiler Free Tips That Will Improve Your Experience | Elden Ring

4 Spoiler Free Tips That Will Improve Your Experience | Elden Ring

4 Spoiler Free Tips That Will Improve Your Experience | Elden Ring

0:00 Intro
0:24 How to quick select items
1:29 Cracked Pots are not consumable items
2:11 Rainbow stones have many uses
3:25 Mark locations of valuable crafting materials


  1. Ratatoskr

    The keyboard and mouse thing was a joke.

  2. rete

    Why would you not play on pc? Why. Would you play on console

  3. BrianDMS

    Cracked pots might not be consumable but bombs very much are and they're a bitch to farm the crafting materials for. I focus heavily on exploration and pick up everything I see so by mid-game I had a ton of crafting materials, I thought I might as well start using firebombs, ran out of the damn butterflies super quickly after a couple areas and coop sessions, why not just let me buy then unlimited…

  4. Vergil Spardovich

    1:23 dislike.
    Mouse and keyboard gives you best control and free view, you can control your targeting as you want.
    Just addmit – you are console peasant


    the pots tell you that they repair themselves in like the first line of the description, how stupid are people?

  6. sirchristopher2000

    Mouse and keyboard is epic if you know how to bind everything. There is no action that I cant do immediately without maintaining full direction control of my character at all times, including immediate mounting whilst sprinting, jumping and changing direction.

    Mouse is the only input mechanic that gives you an infinite range of input speeds. Tried having a flash look behind you with a controller whilst running? Good luck with that.

  7. v-NiftyTrickster

    Another tip about tip 4: the site of Grace at the start of the Swamp in Liurnia RIGHT by thr nomadic trader is a good spot to farm firebombs because there are both mushrooms and smoldering butterflies there

  8. Tony Phills

    I want to be a natural at parrying or dodge hits from a boss like these Souls pros… everything else is secondary

  9. connerSphotography

    I am buying this game soon after I finish red dead redemption thank you for the tips friend. I’ve been hoping a dark souls goes on sale for half on so I can maybe use my tip money to buy some of those but no sales 🙁 so I’m waiting and saving for elden ring

  10. iokone

    OMG. the cracked pot 🙈

  11. everything will be ok

    I’ve finished every souls game including Elden ring and I didn’t even know about “don’t roll in poison” 😅

  12. Chiefrunstrain Camacho

    Says spoiler free and then I see game play I haven't seen……..congrats you lied! Thanks Biden……again

  13. KingFossilFER

    I hear kings field 4 music. Thumbs up

  14. Nu_Merick

    That shortcut item selection is so helpful, first time souls player, I hate scrolling through items with 1 button… this should make things hella easier

  15. Trinh Hoai Nam

    I traveled through Blighttown with my trusty Dell keyboard way back in Prepare to Die day and you dare to joke about it, Dislike :))

  16. Waluo Abu obaid

    Uhh, Bloodborne's dungeons, don't remind me plz

  17. DogsGameToo

    Great tips! Does anyone know how long rainbow stones last? Using them as a trail of breadcrumbs is a great idea if they last until you die, but if they just have a duration I'd be even more lost 😂

  18. Sveeny

    Maybe you already know but if you want to use your shield but also use war ashes with your sword you can place the ware ash „no skill“ on your shield so it doesn‘t parry anymore. It can be bought at the war ash seller near storm hill shack.
    And if you prefer parrying: did you know you can party with your shield up? Use L1 and L2 together (or LT and LB)

  19. slek120

    Here's one that is incredibly useful. Holding up will go to your first spell and holding down will go to your first equipped item.

  20. Gamez KiD

    You sound like The Gameconmist

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