This process took me a while to master and fully implement into my business life when I was in high school, but I guarantee once you finish watching this video you will have a new found understanding of how to get free cleats and make money with the same strategy!


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This video will show you how to get free soccer/football data using the API from data company Statsbomb to access their open data.

Finding free data is probably the biggest challenge and the reason a lot of people can’t get into sports analytics. Statsbomb has done a tremendous service by giving us free access to data such as the World Cup, Champions League, La Liga, and more.

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    Thanks for the tuto. Can we also get all the team ID from statsbomb ? Or can someone share a CSV for all fbref team ID please !!!

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    Hi! Great video! I have just a question: I'm trying to access by the function, as example, sb.competitions(creds={"user": "client_id", "passwd": "client_secret"}) but it does not work (it returned an empty dataframe). Can you help me? I suppose that function requires other credentials..

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    How would you go about putting all this data on an Excel spreadsheet so I can transfer it over to power BI and look at the data with graphs?
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    I was wondering if you guys ever met an error when trying 'from statsbombpy import sb' , I get the error "No module dummy_thread" and didn't manage to find a solution on forums.

    Anyway, thanks for all your videos, they really help me !

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    Hello. I m french. I would like create algorithm about soccer who will give me the results. I will bet on valuebet. First, have you got any website where I can get data (free) ? And, what I can must take as information in my futur algorithm (historic, possession, shots…) ?? Thanks for you answer.

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    Is it working on JupyterLab browser mode ?

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