Way Too Early 2023 NFL Predictions!

These are the teams that are going to improve in 2023 and the teams that are going to regress. Let me know what your way too early 2023 NFL predictions are looking like!

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  1. KScott Ashley

    Who would take advice from this guy…. Giants regressing?

  2. Christian Tobar (Chris)

    I think the Texans are gonna be a lot better as well- maybe not bengals to the Super Bowl better- but a huge improvement overall- I could see us winning 9+games with out schedule! And competing for the division

  3. Kristopher Scott

    How is JK Dobbins injury prone after 1 injury?

  4. I am Lava Rider

    where are the jaguars 🙁

  5. GiantsFan1734

    So one of your knocks on the Giants was how we played an easy schedule when the Commies played the exact same schedule as us yet they’re gonna improve? Don’t you know this is Washington we’re talking about? It doesn’t matter who’s playing QB, it’s never gonna work. And read the room, it took this long for Bienemy to get hired for a reason. It’s gonna be a trainwreck. Same with the Jets. Both those franchises with QB situations in limbo are just accidents waiting to happen. Giants will be better than both of them.

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