WNBA Draft 2019 Attendees Selection & Interview Recap

The WNBA Draft 2019 is officially in the books! Relive each of the 12 attendees officially get their name called, and share how it feels to become the newest class to join the WNBA.

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  1. TrueVintageRnBFan

    Why the girls in the thumbnail dressed like escorts?

  2. Victor Vazquez

    Looking back a lot of these players are starts now!

  3. Lvplack Bussy

    Shouldn't they be at home washing clothes or cooking a hot meal?

  4. Miguel Horna

    Now I know if you really want to be tall, you must play basketball 🏀 a lot and from a very young age

  5. Zay_GZs

    I just realized these woman could be out for a whole season because they got pregnant I never thought of that

  6. DIVISION 2099

    Sophie Cunninham 😍😍😍 wow what a beautiful Babe 😍

  7. Oskar Ehre

    Can one of these girls dunk ?

  8. Harry Price

    When I poop is that what anal feels like for women? Cuz taking a big shit feels super good, does that make me gay?

  9. Michael Ramirez

    Noooo. I thought I was the first Asia. No it was Han cuz. I am sooooooi mad

  10. Michael Ramirez

    I will lay on the ground. I will say. Whyyyyyy I was good not fair

  11. Michael Ramirez

    Don’t pick me I will get sad. I will cry

  12. Michael Ramirez

    I am Kalyssa Ramirez. I am 11!

  13. Michael Ramirez

    I am 11. So WNBA. I am 21 pick me. I have special need. Is not bad.

  14. NIK HILL

    Katie Lou ❤️❤️❤️ from India

  15. Lee Coleman

    UnitedAmerican . 🐊 inri

  16. Mari

    Holly Rowe is the best at what she does.

  17. anony mouse

    at least show all the picks

  18. astrofos1901

    kalani brown!!
    what a goddess!!

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