How Looking For This One Thing Can Help You Win More Bets

How Looking for This One Thing Can Help You Win More Bets
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In this video, I’ll show you how you can use this new sports betting app that helps you find winning bets super easy!

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  1. Cloud Strike

    How if i won 5 units today and do you think it good for me to do more 5 bets?

  2. Time Commenter

    ty for your informative information

  3. Cheese Balls

    Does this mean it's best to wait to place your bet until right before the game? Is there a best time to place bets?

  4. Cute Doggy Dogs Puppies

    Thank you for your videos brother. I just began betting for the first time with zero clue on sports knowledge. Your videos have been helping me immensely with my tilted depression from going on massive lucky winning streaks in the thousands to getting arrogant and chasing the high and losing thousands right after the following weeks. Helping me slowly win with less bets more quality over quantity.

  5. Rufus Johnny

    Most of the bookmakers in my country don't have prop bet. God bless you Richly for this knowledge

  6. Gsmack96

    Thank you for the info! I’m just getting in myself and last week got my a$$ kicked. With that being said I need more education because I will be successful

  7. Daniel Lozano

    Such a great teacher. Thanks man been slowly improving my picks and finally in green numbers. One question tho, how can you tell wether you should bet a full unit or half unit on a play?

  8. Roswin Tachi

    Thanks for the information bro

  9. Levi Keller

    Your saying all this stuff but once the line moves there’s no value on taking that side right bro? Or is there

  10. Levi Keller

    Went all out with ur hair bro swaggu lol

  11. roman baker

    is there a website that shows you what the lines open at or do you just look at what your sports book shows

  12. Kelly McMillan

    Thx GL on your action later from Canada Kelly 🇨🇦🤙

  13. euffemgrain

    Thank you, great video

  14. Pierce Calloway

    I agree line movement is huge. Baseball and hockey do have very misleading lines, especially on favorites. I usually go with the+1.5 on the underdog when I see anything above-190.

  15. Ethan Baldwin

    I'm late but, great video. Can't get no better than that good ppl.

  16. SPECK

    Great info took Niners last night because of that movement with the public being all over the rams practically gave it away

  17. Antwon Jackson

    I'm getting better with my picks I see why you say you need a bankroll of $1,000 at least tho but I just need to make better decisions at picking plays and props and games and up my unit size I definitely might need coaching in the future cuz all it really boils down to I believe is picking the right plays and be consistent

  18. Jason Shepherd

    I love it!

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