B-Elite Denver Spring 2019 Video Magazine #1- Winter Magazines & Boys 07B

The first episode of our spring video magazines is up!
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Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss one of the most wonderful times of year — college football magazine season!

The fellas discuss the latest edition of Phil Steele’s magazine as Tony takes issue with a few items of note where the Buckeyes are concerned, especially at quarterback.
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  1. Duncan Juan

    I appreciate you. But I click on this video to hear ten crazy facts. Not your witty banter.

  2. Bob Gustin

    Hey Guys!!! Yall rock!

  3. Richard Hassler

    I used the Phil Steele for editing football rosters, too.

  4. Dave Rowland

    Thanks guys, very entertaining show!

  5. Dan Blair

    AZ state QB should be ahead of Emory Jones

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