Cincinnati vs Louisville | Fenway Bowl | 2022 College Football Highlights

Cincinnati vs Louisville highlights from the 2022 College Football Season

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  1. Kridder Fur

    There were some really incredible bowl games this year. And there was this one…

  2. bambang303378

    I was at this game. The only thing that Bearcats won was their cheerleaders. Theirs better than Cardinals.

  3. aidan merk

    cincinnati was just letting louisville get to Prater in less than a second every play

  4. Matt Watters

    How far Cincinnati has fallen in just one season.

  5. califinn

    Man, nobody gave a damn about the Keg 'o Nails trophy….just crickets

  6. James Kettley

    I think them boys were ALLL high. Real talk

  7. Xan Solskjær

    From Cinderella last season to losing the Keg of Nails this year. 😆

  8. KFC Bandit

    And Cincinnati was a “Playoff” team for a few weeks


    Jawhar Jordan and Louisville's defense beat Cincinnati in this game. Jordan was consummate MVP in this game. He gained his 115 yards on 9 carries. He scored the first TD of this game to set if off and then he scored the put away touchdown in the 2nd quarter to make it 21-7. Cincy's offense was off all day so that last touchdown by Jordan was the knife 🔪 in their heart.


    Cincinnati REALLY could have used QB Desmond Ridder (Atlanta Falcons), WR Alec Pierce (Indianapolis Colts), and RB Jerome Ford (Cleveland Browns) in this game. They had virtually no offense (just 138 total yards) in this game. No score after the second quarter, and just no offensive stars to provide some sparks starting in the third quarter.

  11. Zainder Shabazz

    #50 from Cincinnati just standing there

  12. Boom roasted

    God damn… the bearcats pass blocking is so shitty

  13. Mr. Funnyman

    FUCK Cincinnati

  14. Jared Taylor

    Geez how many turnovers were in this game?

  15. Kenneth Zinke

    Was the 2022 Fenway Bowl "The old rivalry game in Conference USA" between Cincinnati and Louisville?

  16. Kash 45

    Did people forget that Louisville had Amazing Pass Rushing and blitzing defense all year? That’s how they beat Top 10 wake forest

  17. richard zeiders

    Showboats on both teams, grow up boys.

  18. 6thFingerCapos

    Why are all the players husky male-identifiers with tight pants and disgustingly high testosterone levels? Where are the WOMEN and TRANS-GENDERS? These schools are not WOKE !!! SHAMEFUL !!!

  19. Valdez Brown

    oKAY… I watched 2 mins of this highlight and I can already tell that this is going to be hard to watch.

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