How I got banned from sports betting… – Arbitrage Betting Explained

Today we discuss how I managed to get banned from sports betting, but we also discuss how to implement arbitrage betting strategies to make you money!

Arbitrage betting calculator:

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  1. John Smith

    They should not be allowed to ban people unless they can show that you are cheating.

  2. D May

    It's called playing the middle, juice lost.

  3. molly fish

    you are on win loss if you draaw

  4. Nikhil Nikki

    So arbitrage betting not work longtime?

  5. Dritan Celaj

    Nice shirt where did you get it!?

  6. king invictus

    But taxes and manipulate cost made this nearly impossible

  7. Jeetu Pradhan

    I cant find any betting sites where odds are much me out guys 😑

  8. Polokwane Adventures

    The explanation starts at 3:20

    You are welcome!

  9. Elvis Kobby

    Now the problem is finding an arbitrage😂

  10. Ozen Pool

    How do you calculate it ?

  11. Movie Cutz

    Just brilliant…is there a way to do this from Nigeria?

  12. Puleng beau Nyaka

    Nice but the guys don't allow us to reduce or add bettings as we want.
    Its like 10$ fixed that will really kill the arbitrage 😭

  13. Bill Graper

    Man, I went years trying to figure out how to TRADE in opposite directions to have a "can't lose" situation. I've tried mixing Nadex binaries with spreads, Mixing things from different platforms, I've tried very complex setups that always have an exposed area…. It was so frustrating! The only way I've come up with as far as "can't lose" is if you trade in one direction & it goes a bit in your favor. Then you Do the opposite on a different strike. You can have a situation where you win one & lose the other, and still come out on top… or win BOTH & make a nice amount. I'm still searching for that golden strategy. That's why I love this video. It's great to hear someone beat the system, even if it did get them banned. 😁

  14. charles norris

    odds and payouts change wildly as betting goes along leading up to an event. you could do way better by placing bets early on huge favorites, as the odds spread out and they get wider to compensate then you can place on the underdog for a wider spread.

  15. dzerkle

    It is absolutely possible to lose all your money in the stock market. Margin investing and options are two ways to do it.

  16. the darkest Time

    How to escape from getting band


    If you want to make money from a betting game, I recommend you to play tennis. For this you have to bet that the first period will end with odd numbers before the game starts. If you don't win, you should double your bet for the 2nd period. You will definitely win. If you want, you can check the results of the matches played.


    hello, I don't understand the system because I don't have enough English. Could you please write a comment in an understandable way for me? thanks.

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