These are THE BEST Sports Betting Strategies That Actually Work & Will MAKE YOU MONEY In 2021!

The Top 5 sports betting strategies that actually work and will make you money over the long term!
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    Comment below which sports betting strategies have worked for you!

  2. Filthy Rat

    Would you make a video talking about trading bitcoin to offshore sites for those of us who live in a state without regulated sports betting?

  3. CapriSunPapiiiiiiiii

    Your crazy lol NBA 3-5 leg parlays are pretty profitable if you actually watch the NBA….I agree once you do like 6+ legs your getting stupid but from my experience I’ve made most my money from 3-5 leg parlays in the nba off $10-$50 wagers….

  4. nathan galvan

    Strategy #2 when you say straight betting are you making bets strictly on spreads? Or is it a mixture of over unders, money lines, prop bets? And multiple sports or stick to 1 sport?

  5. Roberto Pallanez

    Ive seen about 7 or 8 videos of this guy and Maybe I should watch more before judging but the fact that he always focuses only on the outcome of the bets and never on the price of the odds to find positive expected value, or NEVER mentions terms like finding value in the odds, or never adresses how soft bookies will always limit or ban you if you are profitable in the long run, makes me believe he is not truly a profitable sports bettor. Winning 3 out of your 5 daily bets means NOTHING if you dont make sure You are getting the right price of the odds offered by the bookies in order to have an edge over them in the long run. Doing single betting only focusing on winning more often than not, without calculating positive EV odds to your advantage, will make you lose money against the bookmakers in the long run.

  6. lucas thorsen

    4:54 But it depends on the payout of the games right? For example if i play 5 games and 2 of Them is pays me 2x and the other 3 only pays me 1.20x then lets say i win on those 3 But lose the other 2x’ers, then i Will still lose Money even tho i went 3 – 2 that day

  7. Matthew Stansberry

    Was unable to find public money sides on odds shark and action networks. can you include a link example along with your affiliate links please?

  8. Ryan Gulley

    Live bet European women’s basketball underdogs when they have leans and still + numbers after half hits verrrry often

  9. kevin moore.

    Sometimes I'll figure out a single game with my favorite team, the Browns. I'll bet $300 on them +3, 300 on an under, 100 2 team parley on t he two betx

  10. ጎ....ል!

    So why are you trying to make money from this video on YouTube?

  11. Deemole

    Its all a numbers game. House always win. If u want to win find a really good bet and bet big. Dont bet anything small, dumb, dont listen to anyone or your friends. Have a goal of $100 a day. Once u make $100 wait to bet tomorrow

  12. Deemole

    If your 49% right most of the time. Youll lose over time. Thats 1% will eat u up here and there. If u lose 1 big bet thats gg. My recommendation is straight bets on odds that give u +150 points or more. Or 2 team parley on bets -110 and down.

  13. Harold Moss

    The best sports strategy is to follow and focus on one team or one conference in any sport.


    Fading the public is going well but you need to be careful, you have to pic the right one and some of the games are fixed

  15. Jojo Aja

    This man talk a lot but nothing is valuable lol

  16. The Sports Card Seller

    Thank you for all the education In these videos Frank, I really appreciate it.

  17. Arash Abdullah Dawud Charlton

    Winning strategy . Make a winning bet. Sorry there is no guarantee ! Got to avoid or pick the huge upsets. Escape the landmines and get rich quick mentality can do good if you know your sports

  18. SugTips Sports

    Don't understand anything, why people liked it?

  19. Julien Santos

    These strategies are dumb as hell.

  20. Steven Lima

    NBA playoffs bet the favourite team on game 2 if they it loses game one.

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