Sports Betting 101: How To Bet On UFC Fights for Beginners

Sports Betting 101 and Betting Tips: Direct from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas,’s Kelly Stewart talks with sports betting expert Kyle Anthony who shares some of his personal UFC betting tips for beginners.

Make sure to check out our entire “Sports Betting 101”, “Sports Betting 102” series and complete “Sports Betting Tips” library where our team of Vegas handicappers helps educate recreational and newcomers to wagering on sporting events to understand how sports betting works, sports betting terminology, handicapping fundamentals, how to place various types of bets and the different forms of betting and even how to place a bet at a sportsbook and look like a professional.

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  1. judgetoogood

    Nice boogs are they real. My guess 34 double d

  2. King Storm718

    Parlay will get you money if you are 100% accurate …very tough

  3. N Y

    How can i bet from india

  4. Gyo_wrld

    I’m trying to bet on the stipe and francise card and idk where to go to make that bet

  5. Gyo_wrld

    What app or site do I go to when I want to make a bet

  6. Gyo_wrld

    Where do I go to make my bets

  7. Adi Kemm

    It’s not only he cannot explain properly but the lady talks constantly. There must be some better videos on YouTube

  8. Akbar Noorie

    How can i bet from India

  9. Lot's of this and that

    Wow, look at that top!

  10. VOIP Portland

    If you bet on an MMA fighter and they win, you get credit/pain, but a week later it is revealed they failed a USADA/drug test and they win is disqualified ….. does the bookie take away your winnings? … or is the TKO, judges decision etc the final word betting wise>????

  11. Roman Cisneros

    Damn she’s gorgeous


    Nitrogen Sports is what I use to bet. They are strictly Bitcoin though, so may not work for some of yall. Great thing is they dont ask for KYC and have great rep serving US customers.

  13. My Godness

    Is there is a website to bet or what lol

  14. VOIP Portland

    Would like to get my toe wet betting, but Google says to bet in Oregon you must go through the real mob, the government. WTF? What online house can I place a bet through without worrry?

  15. Juan Castillo

    👍👍🥊🥊 cool

  16. Dee Lee

    How can I bet on UFC from Canada ?.

  17. Fortress of Solitude

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  18. toxic5870

    says 3 ways to win fights in UFC, gives 4

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