1. Glam Majesty

    Exel template please

  2. blue eyes

    MISLEADING!! Your math is not correct!!

  3. Paul Lambert

    Which markets are you using that give you 110% PROFIT everyday? Aren't they a bit high risk? Or are the 1.1 odds you're talking about really just 10%

  4. Cristi Adrian

    With all respect brother but this strategy is bullsh*t. You can please prove me wrong !

  5. Mesel Petros

    Hello sir. Do you have whatts app or telegram . i wanted to go over a strategy that i belive can work

  6. Wesley Heber

    Love the videos. Du u perhaps have a whatsapp group for tips?

  7. Wonderboy Nyawo

    Good Strategy

  8. All Creatives TV

    Great analysis. ⚽

  9. nduduzosfiso makhanya

    Thanks my brother 💪

  10. Jair Correia

    Give me you contact please

  11. Siyabonga Xaba

    Love your videos – Can you please post tips on weekends even if it's not many teams with easy possible winning markets


    Sho Bandile…What's the name of website that you were using to check the soccer results?

  13. Malcolm Washer

    17 per battery brother charge ur phone😂😂😂😂😂


    I either dont understand or your math is wrong. On day one, the is 1.1, therefore your profit is 2.50/= i.e (27.5-25). If otherwise pls explain.

  15. Assaw Prince

    I still don’t understand it

  16. Khotso Moloi

    Great strategy 💯

  17. Bright Leon Bere

    First Comment

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