NFL Draft Reactions and Analysis – Day Two

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  1. Leonel Rocha

    The Lions had a very good overall draft at least 4 starters.

  2. Harpoon_Bakery

    Julius Brents @ 44? Hmm, was that a reach ? There were a few others that seemed better that were still on the board…Ballard is a weird dude. Colts are not good at figuring out that position. Rock Ya-Sin was about the best they could do over the last several years and it took forever for him not to get burned / get develop under their staff. They got rid of him right when he showed signs of being decent. Then as it turns out he wasn't any good. I think he was the dude from Temple. Anyway, Colts are just a mess.

  3. Pronfcwest

    fyi when you watch football for a living, telling people how hard/how late you were up doing work is a bad look

  4. Keynan Varnado

    1:22:00 "Whens the last time that's worked for the Saints?"

    Cam Jordan, Will Smith, Charles Grant, Marcus Davenport (outside of injuries). There's been misses as well, but to act like they never hit on Foskey prototype players is just false.

  5. showtimejojo

    Luke musgrave is 6’6 not 6’4

  6. Pronfcwest

    The reaction to the derick hall pick is the best from a hawks fan 😂

  7. Zach

    brents reminds me of vontae, also thinks it's funny you named darius rush and they got him too

  8. Athena Raines


    The pick was so mystifying that it not only broke Brett, but also the internet connection

  9. colten53

    I like how Brett and EJ are very fair to Will Levis. I think he gets a lot of unfair hate. The kid has talent, it just needs to be coached.

  10. colten53

    This is a GOAT Steelers draft. All the guys they’ve drafted are just going to bully the AFC, and I’m here for it

  11. Nautilus1972

    The Bears already won this draft. We got DJ Moore and Chase Claypool using draft capital. We drafted the best OT. We have two firsts and three seconds next year. We won.

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