Final 2021 NFL Mock Draft with TRADES!

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  1. R Mart

    Every Jet fan now so happy with Aaron Rodgers, saying Zach Wilson who?

  2. The Teal Mustang

    These are actually entertaining to watch years later when you are avoiding your family in your office.

  3. Jim MacNichol

    Watching this, it still blows my mind how Justin Fields was not the 2nd (if not the 1st) QB off the board. As a Bears fan, it was nice, for once, not to be the team that Trubisky'd themself and overthought what should've been a no-brainer pick for the Jets / 9ers in Fields.

  4. Antbeast23

    You guys do know mock drafts are all about projecting the players future. It isn’t about getting the exact picks. As scouts it’s about evaluating the players for the future. You going to miss more than you make it’s how it works

  5. Donnybrook

    LOL…3 for 32. These guys are clowns. Not as bad as Kiper though.

  6. diego gomez

    Is san Francisco 49ers had taken kyle pitts over Trey Lance they probably be in the super bowl

  7. paige antiquera

    #15 pick the best

  8. HimeShorts

    pov Najee went to Pitt

  9. Vihaan Mittal

    He got like 3/10 on the top 10.

  10. R P

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  11. Steven Paul

    I got the feeling that the bears will trade up and get Justin field specifically trade with the giants. Idk just a feeling you know.

  12. Frisco Hippie

    Mccorkle Jones 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you thought

  13. Stefan

    Mock draft was ruined at 3.

  14. YoAndy

    That includes sell-out little rich

  15. YoAndy

    Why do you clowns have a job?

  16. Flareon

    Who is here during the draft

  17. Robbie Watson

    Daniel Jeremiah I'm here to remind you like I said I was going to, that you're not the sharpest tool in the shed for thinking Mac Jones at #3. How do u have a job that's my only question?

  18. Travis Cooper

    Lol for all the Mac Jones at #3 zfor the 49ers Haha Ha Shanahan proved all yall wrong the man wants a mobile QB boom Trey Lance welcome to the b ay

  19. Colton Lusk

    it's a sad day to be a seahawks fan lmaoo I don't even have a 1st round pick to look forward too

  20. Green Bean

    Plot twist: Rashod Bateman is the best wide receiver in the draft

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