World Of sport Football Half time Scores (VHS Capture)

World Of sport Football Half time Scores (VHS Capture) taken from off aie v2000 vcc tape

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Morocco made history on Saturday following their shock 1-0 defeat of European giants Portugal to become the first African and Arab nation to reach the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Here are Morocco’s results so far in the tournament.

Will the Atlas Lions make history and reach the final over France?

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  1. mr hob

    Grandstand final score was better read but Dickie had other strengths like personality .

  2. Hunny McCann

    RIP Dickie Davies part of my childhood every Saturday ❤️

  3. Chris Fallon

    Metropolitan police …🤣🤣

  4. Chris Fallon

    The 'Big' match live (Sunday) Newcastle v Liverpool 👌👌

  5. David Clapperton

    Looking at the scores they could well have been removeable magnetic nameplates and numbers that were used then.

    Was that what they actually used?

  6. mcbrando

    I was about 10/11 circa 1984, engrossed in World of Sport awaiting the football scores…

  7. edwin starr55


  8. Dave St4mmo

    All them 3pm kick offs!! lol
    I was at Portman Road that day Spurs won 3-0

  9. Raj Nirvan

    Happy memories of Saturday afternoon. If you'd gone shopping Saturday afternoon loved how all shops eg Dixons, Laskeys, Rumbelows etc would have TVs on and keep all sports fan up to date before smartphones etc

  10. comond

    Burnley ended up winning 9-0. The tie was played at Turf Moor.

  11. Darren Hayward

    Gary Bloom later of Channel 4 Football Italia on Everton v Stoke

  12. Kwame Aboagye

    Zom, you should show more World of Sport H-T Scores from reporters such as Brian Moore, Gerry Harrison, Martin Tyler, Hugh Johns, John Helm and Jock Brown and Arthur Montford.

  13. Darren Hayward

    Did not know that Didier Six played for Aston Villa

  14. treffynnon19

    Saturday 17th November 1984 – a day before only the second live league game of the season on ITV.

    Ian Archer was a long-serving reporter/presenter for STV's Scotsport.

  15. Fa

    Les meilleurs de cette coupe du monde ! 🇲🇦💪❤️

  16. sara's plying world's

    France cheated

  17. Din Don

    Very proud to be moroccan 🇲🇦♥️

  18. Mr Sharko Channel

    🇲🇦🇵🇸🇵🇸🇲🇦🇵🇸🇲🇦🇵🇸🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾 allahuakhbar morocco will win n become a winner fifa world cup…aamin

  19. Mike

    Messi gona kck puncherwala begger Pakistani begger as 72virgin dreams 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Sam de Goeij

    All the Morrocan players that were born in Europe playing for the country have brought out a lot of jealousy in the European nations they were born in. Like my home country of the Netherlands. First thing the media said was: "Why are they representing Morocco?" And: "We gave them everything and now they don't play for us?" Which was called out by Moroccan guests they had on the talkshows so they flipped and now they say: "What beautiful joy for the Moroccan people, for Africa and the Arab speaking world!" The hypocricy is quite rank. It's unfortunate though that many Moroccan youth wreck our major cities every time a match is played.

  21. crazy100percent

    2 Morocco 0 France inshaa allah

  22. Khalid bin majeed۔

    Good luck to Morocco

  23. Zine Ryad

    Inchallah Ya Rabbi, je souhaite de tous cœur que les Lions de l’Atlas vont battre l’équipe de France.

  24. jovan parče

    God luck from Croatia i hope that we se in final …FREE PALESTINE 🇭🇷🇵🇸🙏🤝🤲❤️🕊

  25. Ibrahim Bhat

    Inshallah France ko 0 se harayengey Morocco..

  26. Zul Kapan🤘🏼

    InshaAllah Morocco go to final 🤲🏼

  27. Islamic Spotlight tv

    Love Morocco 🇲🇦 from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  28. Zayd Nunhuck

    In cha Allah win🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺

  29. Wong Fei Hung

    Bismillah, Semoga Allah SWT kembali memberi kemenangan untuk Marocco. Amiin 🙏🇵🇸🇲🇦🇮🇩

  30. Sreejith G

    France… Will win

  31. Udjo Zrd

    Insya allah morocco will win

  32. Teresa Hinds

    I think that the whole world is behind Morocco now

  33. Farhana Hansa

    In Shaa Allah they will WIN. AAMEEN

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