Ranking The Top 5 College Football Team Uniforms #shorts #collegefootball #michigan

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In spirit of the big game tomorrow I decided to make an NFL style season and playoff format with college football teams
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  1. Doge boi :/

    You tried sneaking in Notre Dame

  2. New yorker

    Fastest video ever I like it

  3. Steven Hockensmith

    Michigan????? 🤢

  4. HBL

    Bro Texas unis suck how are they top 5 there are so many better unis then your top 5

  5. Username commenter

    You really tried to sneak michigan in there

  6. Who Dey say gonna beet these Bengals

    LSU says hello

  7. Upbeat Productions

    michigan’s are garbage what are you smoking?

  8. Jack Kinsey

    Those Oregon pink and blackout jerseys are so fucking good

  9. Craig

    Wow. What about MY favorite color. I’m telling mommy

  10. Bases loaded prodz 🦃™️


  11. 《💙skinnysprite the kittydog💛》


  12. Chaseydoodle YT 🇺🇦

    We’re the bulldogs at

  13. JWS studios

    Notre Dame has horrible uniforms l. Those cheap spray painted helmets. USC has a top 3 uniforms

  14. Yolanda Fox

    LSU purple??????? or Clemson purple?????

  15. Fo’T Roundz

    Bro forgot Alabama exists💀

  16. Ryguy vlogs

    Na penn state and Michigan they clean but not number one and 5

  17. Jessica Valdivieso

    This guy neglected utah

  18. Aubrey McCauley

    oregon deserved it

  19. Bryson Young

    great video, but i cant help but point out that kansas state shouldve played ucla in the divisional, since in the nfl they do reseeding

  20. whatlol

    ncaa football loves usc so much its not even funny

  21. William Zawaideh-Haddadin

    L divisions

  22. Michigan Wolverine-Zac Beard

    Michigan Whathappenuhhhh

  23. Wes Berry

    Where is NC State

  24. Vincent Castillo

    Go gophers Row the boat

  25. Mikey Williams racing

    Great video, I'm happy Florida state was in it

  26. Jaylen

    this is the best video ever👍👍

  27. kingchris music

    W video im a big ohio state fan

  28. Jaxin D

    This must have taken a while.

  29. Mr. poke Vids

    Great video🎉

  30. Mr. poke Vids

    Credits to YOU for doing this❤

  31. Alex Becker

    Love the idea bro! Next time you should make it like the NFL playoffs where the 1 seed plays the lowest seed. Keep up the great work man! Awesome video 🔥

  32. Backyard sports

    Can you do a Tulsa rebuild also second

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