What's Going On With Every NBA Player Drafted Above Devin Booker?

The 2015 NBA draft has some stars, but overall…it’s been a colossal failure. In this video, I take a look at every NBA player drafted ahead of Devin Booker in that draft. Hope you enjoy!

Video on Stanley Johnson: https://youtu.be/JKhliBstSAU

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With the 1st overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft the Minnesota Timberwolves select C Karl-Anthony Towns from the University of Kentucky.

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  1. Ty Harper

    Booker is easily the best player from his draft

  2. Suave na Nave

    Saying KAT is better than Porzingis is crazy lmao

  3. rly Beats

    the suns realized booker was a star, and they built a team around him

  4. Kenny West

    Kat now is making you look silly

  5. Zorc Necrophades

    Whole video started on some bullshit lol. KAT still is the best player in that draft.

  6. Daniel DelaCruz

    Do everyone drafted before Deandre Aston 😉


    Brawadis was able to predict the future

  8. Ye South

    Book plays more like Brandon Roy then Kobe at this stage of his career if we’re saying #24 Kobe kinda…meanwhile his favorite player is Rip Hamilton.

  9. timhoward5

    Breaking your 500th comment, I was looking at the same thing as well.

  10. Brad 42TV Official

    Booker is good in my opinion! But to compare to Kobe!? C'mon way way too far to reach or to compare with! Maybe the physique but over all No way! He's not athletic as Kobe was! Nor a playmaker aspect yeah he might but still can't..Mamba had a perfect match with Shaq before! But when needed the most no one ever duplicate his clutch genes from prime young guns to a veteran wizardry!

  11. Lance DeCaille

    I feel Okafor is blackballed

  12. ChairmanMo

    Seeing how some of these players either dropped off or stagnate is just sad. The teams that drafted a lot of these guys suck. Only Devon Booker had the raw talent to power through playing for a shit franchise.

  13. Running Forver

    Ok lol the knicks regret drafting porzingis?? He had some issues, but for a fourth pick his career is decent so far, look through other fourth picks! Jaren Jackson Jr, Josh Jackson, Dragan bender, Cody Zeller? I think KP is on par with expectations for a fourth pick

  14. musicandmagic909

    Just like every player drafted above Steph Curry: they weren't working as hard from the very start. High draft picks in any sport are starting to get their flowers way too early, they aren't hungry enough, so when the real work sets in to make it in the pros they don't embrace it.

  15. David Humiston

    Part of it is popularity SUNs usually play later games so the people on the east really don't get to see how good Booker really is and then when it comes to All Stars they pick the same people all the time.. Booker is better than 98% of those people

  16. Unbelievable Memories

    Guy won the 3 point Com

  17. Croweziec

    He did his dad dirty even though he came back to hug him. Embrace your father in the moment. His dad was salty for a few seconds.

  18. pzoe

    🐺🐺🐺💪💪💪💪 lets go!!!

  19. Dogol-Cha

    sending my prayers to the town family in these hard times 💔🙏🏼🙏🏼

  20. Hoopz Editz

    Anyone here after the Timberwolves got the 1st pick again?

  21. Ok....

    Sad moment Carl Anthony Moms died of Corona Virus 😢

  22. Chol Ino

    Who came here after hearing the news? R.I.P Jacqueline Towns

  23. Bob Bob

    This video hits different now rip KAT’s mom🙏

  24. Roczilla Carley

    Rip Towns mom Sad day for the Towns family!

  25. Jack Burgess

    Rip Karl Anthony Towns mom🥺

  26. Bleed Green

    Rip Jacqueline Towns 🙏🙏🙏

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