Inter Milan vs Fiorentina | Final | Coppa Italia 2022/23 | Eagle Prediction

This is Eagle prediction (Romeo)
Coppa Italia 2022/23
Inter Milan vs Fiorentina
May 25-2023 (local time)

Note : These predictions are for entertainment purposes only. Me and Romeo do not promote betting, gambling, or any other illegal activities.thanks.

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  1. Александр Панов

    Thank you for your work, if possible, do it for the winner of the conference league (Fiorentina, Basel, WestHam, AZ)

  2. Александр Панов

    Благодарю вас за труд, сделайте по возможности на победителя лиги конференций( Фиорентина, базель, ВестХэм, АЗ)

  3. Ian Lenza

    Prediksi bagus,saya setuju.
    Forza inter

  4. Jishu Chowdhury

    thnq bro
    ♥l from Bangladesh ♥♥♥

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