USC is the ONLY TEAM in jeopardy of missing the College Football Playoff – Tony Kornheiser | PTI

Pardon The Interruption’s Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon discuss the College Football Playoff outlook and whether Ohio State Buckeyes or Alabama Crimson Tide could break into the Top 4 in the event of a USC loss.

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  1. Don Washington

    The CBF Playoffs are a fraud. How hard would it be to do this: If you win the Big 10, ACC, SEC, AAC, Big 12, MAC, Mountain West, PAC-12, C-USA & Sun Belt (You're In.) Then we take the remaining 6 highest ranked teams. It rewards you for playing consistent, excellent football. There have been years where arguably the BEST team may have been from one of the "weaker" conferences as they put ranked opponents out like a light. OSU, given the beating Michigan put them is getting a shot at some Utah earned. It is a damned disgrace. Make the dang thing 16 teams. Have the rounds based on performance and the vestigal homerism of polling and let's have a proper national champion. P.S. – Here's hoping every team that didn't win it's conference loses or Tennessee wins the whole thing just to screw with how unfair all of this still is.

  2. Benny Paschal

    Well well well. Look now

  3. Sammy Turbo

    And tcu and usc both loss

  4. Ask BAMAGRL26

    How wrong you are both USC AND TCU LOST. SO WHAT NOW? ALABAMA GETS IN

  5. VFD24

    All are going to win, Michael? Really? How did that work out for you ?

  6. Adam Decker

    Wilbon wrong again.. USC loses

  7. Matthew Kirkwood

    usc loss wilbon

  8. KingColga

    This aged so well. USC got blown out lol. Roll Tide

  9. Scott Smith

    Usc is the only operated team in top 10 you guys are smoking way too much dope stop it! Utah should be playing in playoff

  10. SLC Cammon

    This age very well

  11. GMAMEC

    It happened…USC LOST!!!

  12. [SCLA]MisterBig

    A top 4 team not playing in its conference championship game shouldn’t be allowed in the playoffs period!

  13. jordan abboud


  14. Kranky Yankee

    We all remember what 12 gauge Cardale did to a "favoring" no loss Alabamar

  15. Kranky Yankee

    Ohio State

  16. Robert

    Why should the top 4 teams at the end of the season be at risk of losing their playoff spot when they have to play in their conference championship games? The lower ranked teams might get their spot because they have a bye?

  17. T Money

    Bama is always there… but I agree with Tony here… if I'm betting my money on Ohio St or Alabama to win… gimme Bama.

  18. HR Pickinstuff

    TCU would lose to all 3 playoff teams. The Big 12 was weak this season. Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma, OSU all took a step backwards. If TCU loses they should be out.

  19. Michael

    None of these teams would want to face Alabama!

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