Pongfinity vs. Football Goalkeeper

Pongfinity against Lassi the goalkeeper, here’s a sequel to our ping pong vs. football series!
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Balotelli’s DRINKS 🤣(name the drink) #football #soccer #short
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  1. Pongfinity

    Which country will win the World Cup?

  2. Decebal825

    is this channel for like 6 year olds ? am bored hehe

  3. Adithya Perera

    the game is pac man

  4. Chase Hicks

    wait this dude is built for content. also that growl while running to shag the ball was fucking hilarious

  5. mk1ngzz

    Should've done it with a handball keeper instead

  6. 0 Yeah


  7. Sourena YT

    most of shots are edited
    good entertaining content 👍🏻

  8. Morten Lund

    My name is Emil

  9. Morten Lund

    it was really funny when Emil said Emil haaland not erling haalan

  10. Morten Lund

    I thing Argentina will win the world cup

  11. Prakash Saudagar

    i like you

  12. SeeNyu

    LMAO the last clip XD

  13. Nunnem Haokip

    their drink name is old monk

  14. Amolo Dus

    Zlatan doesnt drink drink does zlatan

  15. Touch Phalla

    Maguire juice

  16. cubingcraft2 🏳️‍⚧️

    “relegations are for normal players
    i am zlatan”

  17. L P

    Haaland having old monk😂

  18. Anil Arslan


  19. Ati Lefe

    trop fort Zlatan!

  20. Raayann & Rida

    Balotelii's drink name is missing drink

  21. Time Crushers 360°

    Me expecting Harry Maguire drinking in the end 🌚🤸‍♂️

  22. Gameli_Proo

    Haaland looked like he just drinked 90% alcohol

  23. AXPlays

    when maguire dirnks lol

  24. ADHI Gaming YT

    Ronaldo saying "drink water" from behind

  25. Fun To Watch

    its kratum leaves water ..its illegal in malaysia and legal in many country..

  26. GOAT

    No you mean messi drink

  27. Rooksana vlog's

    xhaka is drinking coca cola

  28. epic cord

    the name of the drink is balotelli’s throw up

  29. Homek

    Bro, zlatan lost that game 2:0

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