Understanding Betting Odds in 5 Minutes

How Betting Odds Work? If you’re trying to understand the logic behind betting odds this video is the solution. Caan Berry explains how betting odds work in sport, what platforms are best and how you should be thinking about betting odds. It’s a key explainer if you’re a sports fan.

Don’t stop there though! There are more helpful tutorials and guides on the YouTube betting series link shared below: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTHJbN4803sVKK4MDE_l5ETR2gLLpBw-m

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This video explains how do betting odds work for sports betting.
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  1. UnitedPacci

    I really like what you're doing. We need to spread the word about exchanges. Only the problem is in my country specifically on forums it's hard to talk to people about exchanges since people are so focussed on traditional bookmakers. Almost nobody seems to be interested in exchanges. It's so frustrating because they get mad when they're restricted or have bad value. It's not as popular as in the UK. I always explain the benefits of exchanges compared to bookmakers.

  2. mimil kimilidin

    Gangerti bahasa nya

  3. darryl kassle

    My dad was an old school penciled you know he recorded and worked out the odds but also had to adjust odds in relation to bets.
    What you to amaze me is when there was a rush of punters 20+ people all wanting to bet at the same time and he would accurately work it all out including recording the bets.

    Try it in real time I believe 9 out of 10 people would get it wrong . It really is an amazing skill. I can do it with adequate time but in practice there is no way. Hence I had a lot of respect for my dad!!!

  4. MadPeanutzz

    You're a good man Caan, a true ledgend. Always informative and accurate. Top bloke

  5. Gareth Sands

    7 isn’t 2% of 450 lol it’s 9

  6. Surafel Tadesse

    Stupid accent 🙄

  7. Willz Johns

    Am in Malawi.. betfair is not available for us, only the bookmakers the likes of bet 365 BETWAY premier bet and worldstar betting Malawi. I prefer betting the over 1.5 goals market during live games for consistent winning. I agree the cash out system is just wack man..

  8. Sammo

    Jason Statham explains

  9. Melaku M

    you are so stupid,…. what i found funny is people just watched your videos and take is seriously…..

  10. Stafford Nelson

    Well explained.Thank you

  11. Carol Wambui

    I am grateful, before I arrived here I was like Jon Snow.

  12. Omar Sanyang

    I dont understand

  13. James

    You gotta pause every time you see… amazing tips

  14. johnnyeboy33

    Thanks Cann, your the man !! Hope your well buddy, stay safe

  15. Sunna Sunna

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  16. Paul H

    Great insight mate. Helped me land a big role at a huge betting firm this video! I didn’t know anything about betting until seeing this.

  17. Sami Faj

    Hi I have a question… let’s say I put £10 that Spurs is going to win against Burnley and they do, how much will I get back?

  18. Mylife Gamer

    Thank you for sharing this info dude, I am looking to start my career in sports betting and I will be using your all strategies. let's see what happens!

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