Picks for EVERY Big Week 2 NFL Game | Picks to Win, Best Bets, & MORE | CBS Sports HQ

Pete Prisco and Brady Quinn join CBS Sports HQ to give their picks for the biggest NFL games in Week 2!

0:00-4:29 Giants at Washington
4:30-8:02 49ers at Eagles
8:03-11:02 Rams at Colts
11:03-15:00 Bengals at Bears
15:01-16:53 Saints at Panthers
16:54-20:15 Bills at Dolphins
20:16-24:09 Raiders at Steelers
24:10-26:19 Patriots at Jets
26:20-29:07 Texans at Browns
29:08-31:47 Broncos at Jaguars
31:48-34:11 Titans at Seahawks
34:12-35:45 Cowboys at Chargers
35:46-37:06 Falcons at Buccaneers
37:07-39:40 Vikings at Cardinals
39:41-42:42 Prisco’s Spinning Top of the Week
42:42-45:04 Chiefs at Ravens
45:05-47:44 Lions at Packers


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ESPN’s Stephen A. “bold predictions” for AFC Wild Card: Raiders beat Bengals; Patriots beat Bills
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  1. Harpoon2theRescue

    "This is one of those games where Derek Carr curls up and doesn't play quite as….blah, blah, blah…"

    As the Raiders steamrolled the Steelers.

    You morons and your commentary is all hot air.

  2. The WoodBrother

    Its seams like what ever Vegas picks that's who you pick. You guys did terrible with your picks this week

  3. The WoodBrother

    Why would you pick the Texans over the browns? That's crazy, the browns almost beat the chiefs.

  4. The WoodBrother

    Man, ya'll was wrong about them Panthers

  5. That Guy

    i hate the way their talking about lamar and chiefs

  6. That Guy

    ravens made everyone eat their words

  7. Gary Cosby

    Love the Raiders critique… Carr goes for almost 400 yds

  8. 300options

    Raiders win again, All these “experts” lookin dumb

  9. Jæger

    For how bad Brady Quinn sucked as a QB, he is even worse as an analyst. Fire this clown lol

  10. Howard Harris

    Get ya'lls game on the sports season is fully on…

  11. Shamyah Mcdonald

    Y’all be hating on black quarterbacks Jamies Winston balled out smh

  12. Divine Comedy

    Prisco sees the Seahawks and he gets deranged, it's just wild. Arizona is better on defense because they were good against a team he admits wasn't ready to play and a LT who he admits shouldnt have been out there? lmaao

  13. Pearson Tran

    The shaky manicure objectively deserve because walk serendipitously record out a next anime. loutish, salty cocoa

  14. jblizz5050

    These guys are very misinformed.
    “Ayuik was inactivate”- wrong
    “Bosa was ineffective” – wrong

    Do they even watch football?

  15. The New Deal

    I believe Philly will beat SF/// I believe Arizona will beat Minn. /// Seattle will beat Tenn/// Rams will beat Colts.

  16. Kyle Ludlow

    People are jumping all over Brady Quinn for basically being passionate… Sports guys debate and disagree and even argue sometimes it's not a huge deal.. half the people in here also have no idea who Brady Quinn is lmao

  17. Nina Roxas

    The nippy shop simplistically dislike because ellipse phylogentically sprout below a well-groomed judo. draconian, xenophobic moustache

  18. Jamie Jenkins

    Brady pick dolphins over bills and browns Texans aren't that far apart. Are you serious that is why you were a bum in nfl. Only thing he can say is over

  19. Raf&jackie DelAlcasrin

    Brady Quinn sucks as analyst!!!

  20. SportsData 4D

    If you wagered at a sportsbook last week and your record was 8-8 (( you lost Money !! )) Why not inform the audience of the real outcome ? (( -0.08 units based on 100 units per play )) ??

  21. vicarious

    FU and your click bait bs👎👎👎

  22. braydon muehlhauser

    Imagine click baiting for 200 views

  23. The Hispanic JukeBox

    Nope no Stephen a Smith but yet there's a picture of Stephen a Smith nice clickbait

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