Top 7 Betting Sites That Accept PayPal: PayPal Betting Guide

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We love using PayPal when betting online as it has the following advantages;

1. Your betting is discreet. Sometimes financial institutions will look unfavourably against you if you use your debit/credit cards to deposit on to sports betting websites. Using PayPal for betting ensures the is a buffer between Banks and your betting accounts. In our opinion, there is no need to discriminate against people just because they like to bet recreationally.

2. Offers extra security: Due to the increase in credit card fraud over the past few years, it makes sense to use e-wallets like PayPal to shield unwanted eyes from seeing your credit card details. PayPal is one of the most secure and trusted companies in the world, so when you use it, you allow them to see your credit/debit card details, but only them. Then when you want to buy something online or in our case, bet online, you only ever reveal your PayPal address and never your credit card or debit card number!

3. Ease of use. It is a pain in the you know what to always have to bring out your credit card and filling in all the details when trying to bet online at a new bookmaker. Therefore when you use PayPal, all you need to do is enter the amount you want to deposit, your email address and your password to make the transaction. How easy is that!

The only negative with PayPal is that some sites may charge a transaction fee, however, only a small percentage of betting sites do this. We have listed these sites in our PayPal Betting guide on our website – see link above.

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    Tried Betfred app and no paypal option was available

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