1. Steven Nihipali

    missing big Lou

  2. Steven Nihipali

    you're going to argue with ichiro? that ump is worse than Hernandez at that point

  3. its 0825


  4. Im A boy

    he's only one guy who can upset ichiro like that, i never seen ichiro mad like that in Japan 😂😂

  5. Marley Kim

    배불뚝이 심판들
    싸그리 다
    인공지능으로 바꿔야 해

  6. Van Greg

    Can't wait till there is NO home plate ump.

  7. 조달뽕

    메이저리그도 심판은 똑같구나 ㅎㅎ

  8. Sean Sanchez

    @3:22 one of the worst frame jobs ever

  9. tsubameeee

    Ichiro is cool !!! (^^)

  10. つるさん福岡。



  11. 뽀록

    KBO보다 못한 돌팔이 심판들…

  12. Joey Bannon

    Bring back arguing balls and strikes

  13. PA

    一郎 大人げない

  14. Malls・b


  15. 오다기리죠

    This is. KBO

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