Tips for Betting Baseball – Baseball Betting Strategy – MLB Betting (Sports Betting Tips)

Tips for Betting Baseball, Baseball Betting Strategy and overall MLB Betting Tips is the topic on this episode of Sports Betting Tips from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas. TV host Kelly Stewart talks baseball betting strategy with Vegas MLB handicapping expert Bryan Leonard. This year in MLB Bryan is #1 at WagerTalk with +94.15% in total profit and shares his personal baseball betting tips for the recreational bettor that can be used to help have a more profitable season.

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  1. joey86bu1

    BL just gave ya one of the best tips you will ever hear.
    If you play dogs and Pinny has the best price on that dog, you're gonna lose (long term).

  2. buu zuu

    mlb i think wil b 1 of my mains nxt year i lik back to back days almost everyday same team plays nhl so far i can only look at bigger days with most games every 1-3 or 4 days mlb schdule is solid tho esp whn some teams hav 3-4game series i lik underdogs as well in mlb i dont pick finals i dont have that type of $$ to with fewer games i prefer regular season schdule with teams lik arziona,pirates & such i think i'l do ok nxt yr first full season at it & being litt more aware of game itself watchin games on espn at times its 1 of my favourites now & confident not to put $1.30,$1.40 games either line it – or + if price is $1.75+ or straight underdog which i started doin this yr at times im hav brake soon i wana try mak some xmas $ with 3mnths of no work due to covid & bein sick hopefully nhl,nba or soccer can get me alittl spendin $$…. march,april season whn southern hemisphere begins as well which is only weekends mlb has me covered during week at times cant wait for mlb

  3. uncool22

    I’ve been betting sports close to a year and this man speaks the truth

  4. jeremy scorpio

    i wanted Pittsburgh OVER 8 but it got raised to 8.5 so i took that 😾

    mabye i can live bet it and catch it at 6 lol.

    should get two out of three but who knows :p

  5. jeremy scorpio

    ohhhhhh! 94% profit 😁 i thought you picked 94% winners!! lol……i was already planning a counter attack 🧐 still tho, excellent job bryan!

  6. Ergo Caustic

    He looks like he knows what he's talking about.
    Maybe a twitter?

  7. jeremy scorpio

    yo douglas jones…….do you let the games pick you! 😆😂😆

    ay gimme the line on the bethune cookman game lmfao!!

    daaamn bro……i needed that lolol anyways have a good one 🤗

  8. Angel

    Im here to burst your bubble on betting baseball and same hoes for all sports……you can do all the numbers you want and bet by history and still lose….yea u can go on win streak and losing streak…..sports are staged and not real…lets say the washinton nationals go 80 wins and lose the rest ,,the ones who control the sports already have a number for each team to win and lose certain amount thats the fact and i will prove it to you if you need me to… its a hit or miss in reality cuz we dont know when they need to win or lose games…

  9. joe JOE

    Whats his web site?

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