NFL Opening Line Report | Early NFL Week 1 Betting Odds and Predictions

The NFL preseason has wrapped up and the countdown to kickoff is officially underway! In this week’s edition of The Opening Line Report, Teddy Covers and Drew Martin take a look at the NFL Week 1 betting lines to see how they have moved over the course of the summer. Which teams have changed the public’s perception during the preseason in a positive manner? Which ones still have plenty of question marks entering Week 1? Teddy and Drew offer their thoughts.

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00:00 Introduction
02:00 Full Week 1 Betting Slate
03:40 DAL vs TB
05:40 PIT vs BUF
07:15 NYJ vs CAR
10:30 HOU vs JAX
12:19 ARZ vs TENN
13:55 LAC vs WAS
17:38 PHI vs ATL
19:10 SEA vs IND
20:24 MIN vs CIN
21:51 SF vs DET
23:05 CLE vs KC
25:53 MIA vs NE
29:55 DEN vs NYG
31:00 GB vs NO
32:54 CHI vs LAR
34:15 BAL vs LV
35:50 Q&A

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  2. buu zuu

    i did minor bet really early mnth n half b4 season kickoff im now thinkin what i was thinkin puttin colts -3 rather then hav packers whn it was bout $1.75 or so but now colts is +2.5 i was hopin they woulda voided it coz i was lookin at some of seahawks games last yr they were ok without starter im hopin colts defence lockdown pass rushers disturpt qb especially with combo medcalf anyways i had bucs -6.5 i think they can win at home comfortably n titans im not sure bout my -3 titans with covid issues u mentioned in titan camp i cant remembr othr 2 games but $8 is ok i havnt bet in 2-3weeks im glad i did those early im cool with it losing with minimum on it 1st week i wana do few more bets in future the 1-13 win for 4-5 teams looks ok totalling with just $50-$70 i'l do 1 a week … good stuff i could only watch til 32mins i'l watch more soon been on a youtube binge since covid lockdown sorry im annoyin only til wrk starts i'l hav les time on laptop

  3. johnny gooble

    The fact that u have no dooleyoop sound track shows me u are keeping Rainieri out of the show. Good idea. Keep it sportsmemo and Vegas sportswire. We don't need prez or Rainieri here.

  4. kid vicious

    Bears will DOMINATE the Rams

  5. AltoValSol

    Useless. If Covers is on a video, you just get smoke and mirrors

  6. TheBuckinBuffalo

    I’m taking AZ to upset Tenn

  7. Brandon Rogers

    I believe Washington Football Team is the best bet

  8. Claudia Orona

    these guys suck…the line has not moved, the line will move half a point, the line is where it should be, the line blah blah blah blah blah give the joes some good info a$$wipes and maybe we can pay for whatever product your pushing

  9. Chimp Shock

    FINS ML ….better team

  10. Tamer Mohamed

    I look forward to this show every week. One of my favorites.

  11. LA BoutaBagDoe

    The Giants was good mostly all last season everytime they was the Underdog

  12. Shawn Mundell

    Great show.i plan on making it a weekly view and digest the great content

  13. JasonTheWorldisYours

    Easy money on Rams and Bucs ATS

  14. LA BoutaBagDoe

    So glad Football is Backkkk💪🏿💸👏🏽

  15. Smiling Faces

    Daddy got the 🐴-1, over43.5 ✈️

  16. BigBank New York

    Washington will beat the Chargers 24-20.

  17. Fernando Ferreira

    Broncos its a lock

  18. JJM

    HOU getting points at home against a rookie HeadCoach/QB combo? Yes, please.

  19. Supur Man

    “Welcome In!” 🏈 01:53 Opening Lines Week One 03:41 First Game. All Game Time Stamps are in Time Bar near bottom 🏈

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