There's beef between Russell Westbrook & Frank Vogel – JWill on the Lakers' loss vs. the Bucks | KJM

There’s beef between Russell Westbrook & Frank Vogel – JWill on the Lakers’ loss vs. the Bucks | KJM
Keyshawn, JWill and Max discuss the Milwaukee Bucks’ 131-116 win against the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Stephen A. Smith is joined by Mina Kimes to discuss Joe Burrow and whether a Bengals win at the Super Bowl would make him better than Patrick Mahomes.
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  1. Sidney Hill

    Mind over matter

  2. changersbanger

    Westbrook was never going to help the Lakers improve. Anyone who thought different was in denial, or just doesn't know basketball that well. I hated this signing from the jump.

  3. Marckennedy Fils-Aime

    LoL Westbrook is winning by step back and put the Lakers and Lakers apologetic crew on display

  4. mac koi

    it's the vaccine that change Westbrook's game…

  5. Lights Out82

    I'd bail on AD. Always hurt an dos too soft when he does play. Trade him straight up for Bradley beal

  6. andre brown

    I don't care what no one says sports is fixed the amount of money make off of gambling alters the true outcome of the game there is not true integrity like most people think and everyone knows it except the everyday common people. There is no way for him to place so bad as a pro athlete I understand father time and all that but look at the mistakes he makes not unless his brain is damage or something like that and it's not being reported this man average a triple double for season there is no way and it's his home town something behind it and it's not that Westbrook can play basketball

  7. Jack Tully

    Does KJ do any research? he doesnt have a clue about anything

  8. Jack Tully

    Isnt Westbrook from L.A???

  9. Jack Tully

    stupid analogy by Keshawn Johnson. he has to be the stupidest sports analysts of all time

  10. Flashy Flash

    Havent watched this show in a while. When did Keyshawn switch to 'Westbrook is a problem' from 'it's still early, lots of basketball left'

  11. Humble_jaePRINC

    He’s not producing though. But I understand how the media can cause him to lose his passion for the game

  12. Garfield Burns

    I will always love Mr Westbrook! is HOF for sure and sincere in his attitude

  13. Chosen Two

    Max really trying to push this bs Rus will be better in the 2nd half of the season narrative. Now I see why SAS banishéd him🤣🤣

  14. Cj PITT

    FING LEAVE WESTBROOK. LEAVE SIR. I SWEAR YOU CAN SEE IF YOU WERE NOT THERE their record would be worst off. It would be 11/12 Kobe bad

  15. C-Beezy

    The beef is between Frank Vogel and Westbrook’s performance. It’s called coaching. Russell thinks his performance with his previous coaches should automatically make him deserve to be on the court right now.

  16. George Brisita

    Why is everyone surprised? He has been playing like this for past 4 years

  17. The Mastermind

    I been saying frank vogel is the problem too right along with Russ !!!

  18. Aleksandar Ačanski

    "What do you think?! He forgot how to play basketball?"
    No. There was nothing to forget to begin with. 😀

  19. Liv Cormanes

    Key said on the same show that the Lakers were gonna figure it out cuz that's what great players do.. he was manifesting a Laker turnaround..Boy he is dead wrong.. What he talkin about a slump? They don't fit and dont want to play defense.. That man is trippin 😂

  20. BoB n fishy

    Literally everyone, analysts and fans, knew Russ would make the Lakers worse. Everyone called it from minute 1. I feel like this could bring about world peace since we're all on the same page for the first time ever

  21. Allain Angcao

    Even if he fails the first 2 seasons and the first postseason, first to be a Heisman, National Champion, and a Super Bowl champ is still an amazing accomplishment.

  22. chase dillard

    I’m a giant LSU fan and Joe fan. Been one ever since he transferred from Ohio St. But to say that he has a chance of “surpassing mahomes” after one post-season, whether he wins the superbowl or not, is absurd hyperbole. Mahomes has been demonstrably elite since he entered the league. There simply just hasn’t been enough time for Burrow to build his resume yet. That’s not to say he won’t eventually become the best in the AFC, but there is not nearly enough data to indicate that he is better than Mahomes after his first full season. If he wins the superbowl then that puts them a little closer to being on equal footing in terms of accomplishment, but the same could be said about Aaron Rodgers and no one’s arguing that Burrow has surpassed Rodgers after his first full season.

  23. Mr. Anderson

    The last thing Burrow should do is to buy into the hype. Mahomes did that, and now you're seeing how difficult it is for him to win another SB.

  24. Edger Deuce

    Stephen A, if you concur that Burrow winning a SB wouldn't make him a better player than Allen or Mahomes, then in what sense would he have surpassed Mahomes….???

    This man's "entertainment" skills somewhat seem to have gradually eclipsed his journalistic talents….

  25. Branden Scales

    Y’all want Mahomes to fall so bad smh. Always crown the next big thing. It’s only burrows second year dude. I guess we just gonna ignore Mahomes full body of work

  26. Johnny24

    Listening Stephen A is pissed at Mahomes because he’s what Stephen A wanted Aaron Rodger to be and he hates that everyone puts Mahomes over Rodgers so every chance he gets to knock Mahomes he’s going to do it

  27. Damien All Day

    No no no. Let’s calm down. Mahomes still has done more. Let burrow get some more seasons in first.

  28. El Turururu

    Someone get mina off TV her takes are trash!! Mahomes has a super team two unguardable players w good rbs with a good defense oh and has the best offensive coaches!!! Of course you go to AFC championship games alot but dude only has one chip. JOE BURROW DID THIS W A BAD OLINE BRUHHHH. Yes dude has weapons but does have a TE like mahomes or Defense on paper like the chiefs!! If he wins Sunday I have him as the best QB rn and I'm a justin Herbert fan!

  29. Anthony Morales

    Stephen a simpin so hard lmao

  30. codename kid next door

    Well someone came to work high!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ SAS in my mr Mackey voice from south park "DRUGS ARE BAD MMMKAY "🤣🤣🤣

  31. Quincee P

    Well he would have the same amount of rings as mahomes in only his 2nd year so 🤷🏽‍♀️

  32. Mike Marshall

    Is eli manning better then tom brady because he beat him to times in the super bowl are was his defense the reason

  33. Cold Pizza

    Mahomes had a good run, he's done tho.
    He's been figured out.
    Has a Superbowl and all the stats in the world.
    But he's done.

  34. Omar Khan

    Outta here kimes

  35. Tyler adkins

    She’s totally wrong…if Joe Burrow wins a Super Bowl with a trash offensive line in his first full year as a starter it’s clearly a discussion in my opinion.

  36. ghettogov6161

    This is a dumb question

  37. DominicGaming

    who made this question 😭

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