Fox Sports Radio Gives You Their Super Bowl Picks

Fox Sports Radio Gives You Their Super Bowl Picks

Fox Sports Radio Gives You Their Super Bowl Picks

Jason McIntyre, Jason Smith, Mike Harmon, Brady Quinn, Doug Gottlieb, Ben Maller, Clay Travis, RJ Bell, Chris Broussard, Rob Parker, Jonas Knox.

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The Los Angeles Rams are the early 4-point favorite vs. the Cincinnati Bengals to win the Super Bowl. Cousin Sal and Clay Travis give their early predictions and discuss what the final line will be.

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FOX Bet Live makes the avid sports fan more informed about the world of sports betting with an eclectic cast of entertaining, sports-obsessed minds that want to make watching that night’s games as entertaining as possible. Host Alex Curry is joined by “Cousin Sal” Iacono and Clay Travis.

Cousin Sal and Clay Travis give their early Super Bowl LVI predictions | NFL | FOX BET LIVE

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  1. Yumi Tokushige

    Jason McIntyre looks like a kindergarten kid. Charlie Brown. Jonas knocks looks as in google search but resembles someone…. Mohaww. Everybody is young.

  2. Shaft 2020

    MVP MAHOMES Done it again!! 🤣

  3. Yumi Tokushige

    Most of them wished the 49ers to win not mahomes.

  4. Roberto G

    Eating crow hey

  5. Independent360

    All these dummies thought Jimmie G would lead them to victory over Mahomes😂😂

  6. dontshowmyname

    that boy Knox is a fool. Haha

  7. Yumi Tokushige

    My (negative) guessing was right as always.

    I got to change my bad habit.

  8. Darren Gordon-Hill

    More KONAS FOX clips on the KNOX SPORTS RADIO YouTube channel!!

  9. Darren Gordon-Hill

    BONUS JONAS!!!!!

  10. Lee Kautz

    Nice choke job niners

  11. david johnson

    Chiefs nation baby👌😎😎😎😎😎

  12. Deathsite99

    everyone picked the 9ers RIP

  13. Lee Kautz

    Chris has an inferiority complex. Like alot of little men.

  14. Lee Kautz

    Lol…no….injuries don't take the bet away coward

  15. Rikken Patel

    Chiefs 34-24 49ers. Lets go Chiefs!!!!!

  16. Paddy McGrath

    What happened to Racheal?

  17. Brad Lafferty

    How many miracles can the Bengals do in one post season.

  18. Chance

    That woman is FIIIIINE

  19. factinator33

    THE RAMS WITH 4 POINTS!!!!!!!👍

  20. 4463013


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