The OFFICIAL Grades For All 31 First-Round Picks Of The 2023 NFL Draft…

Here are final grades from the 2023 NFL daft first round.

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The 2023 NFL Draft is now in the books, which means it’s time to get those report cards in.

Did your team make the right selections in round one, or did they commit the ultimate no-no by reaching, or failing to address a position of need? Without further ado, let’s dive into our grades for each of the 2023 NFL first-round draft picks.

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  1. Isaac Phillips

    Your just wrong here, Dallas will end up with one of the best players in the draft. I love the Mazi Smith pick

  2. Jason Bragg

    As I watch more and more of your videos I start realizing y’all are to be taken comical and not for real.. Here’s one of the biggest jokes and smdh moment with y’all.. Your videos leading up to draft like who’s going to be a bust and not!!! You have Anthony Richardson on there but, then give colts a A+.. another one let me ask this first do y’all just hat the Falcons? Cause y’all down them a lot… Atlanta picked up a lot of needs in free agency right forgot you bashed those pick ups.. Arthur smith likes to run the ball so getting a blue chip player like Robinson makes sense plus he’s a threat catching ball out back field.. out of all the grades people given teams yours to falcons worst.. with saying that your credentials are no where elite like some of the others that gave them a higher grade

  3. Hawkeye - 4077

    You idiots know the NFL is listed as ENTERTAINMENT and not a SPORT. This means Goodell and his marketing team choose who will win the Superbowl each year. It's about money, not the fans. Time to wake up 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑.

  4. Duncan Cannon

    Unbiased opinion eagles won the draft easy

  5. Granite95

    As a long suffering Texans fan happy with the draft as got our new QB and finally our leader on defense. Don’t think we paid too steep a price as if we got Anderson Jr at 2 the price for trading up to 3 would’ve been even more chaotic.
    Personally glad we got Stroud over Levis or Richardson

  6. Lumineer_ 3

    As a Texans fan, couldn’t be happier with this draft class🔥

  7. Brandon Mccormack

    The ravens won.

  8. Gary Walton

    These grades are as much of a joke as the mock drafts, which is exactly what they are based off of. Jalen Carter an A-? Look how many teams passed on him, I get risk vs reward, but that should me a lower grade. Gibbs a D? Look how the draft finished, with a trade of Swift, making Gibbs a great pick. SMH

  9. rene A

    ? Not to be mean but we definitely needed mazi smith we avenged 128 rushing yards against us every game so definitely a need I would give b +

  10. Cjm entertainment

    Definitely undergraded the paris johnson pick he is arguably the best tackle and the raiders would have taken him plus a first next year i love it A

  11. IllCaesar

    The Giants tried to trade up to 18 to get Zay Flowers. The Lions decided to pick Campbell there instead.

    Sorry Lions fans.

  12. Cliques _

    Forbes is about to put on a show in dc! Hes a playyyy makerrrr

  13. Jordan Roman

    As an Eagles i am hyped. A long awaited DYNASTY is about to come to the City of Brotherly Love!!!! Get ready Broad Street.

  14. Amitai Elman

    video idea redo the draft

  15. Anthony Slazas

    It's the lions doing lions things! Thats why they'll never win a SB

  16. john fuller

    Dallas’s D line has a giant whole in the middle and only one rusher is getting to the quarterback consistently.

  17. Geechi Gotti

    The Texans, you got a future franchise QB and DE in the same draft

  18. Kevin Steiger

    Respectfully this guy has no idea what he’s talking about, just random or loosely based opinions, not actually saying anything about teams needs and is just coming up with holes in a teams roster

  19. pantherteen1

    3:42 that’s gotta be the funniest reaction of the year 😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Kevin White

    Where is the jaguars td against the cowboys????

  21. Aervae Altonelty

    2:40 – That's a fumble recovery, NOT an Interception.

  22. Richard Lupo


  23. Josh Wallace

    Lol all of those great clips in a row by the patriots then a game losing play right after 😂

  24. Tyler Wells

    marco wilson's flip into the endzone was a thing of beauty

  25. Tristan Davis

    u forgot jags vs cowboys rashawn jenkins in ot

  26. Nate Playz

    Are we going to talk about the fact that 2 mins of this was just patriots

  27. James the Dragon

    I feel like if the Patriots weren't 8-9 (thanks to our anemic offense), Dugger would have been a Pro Bowl pick

  28. Eric Scott

    I love how most of these were from the Pats defense alone yet we went 8-9 and missed the playoffs 😭

  29. Chuknuk Bubs

    Forgetting Jenkin's pick-6 walk-off OT touchdown in the Jags v Cowboys game

  30. realityblows

    Yessir if there’s one thing my pats don’t fail at it’s picks 😎

  31. Tay Luc 777

    Patriots were elite defensively. I thought this was their highlight tape.

  32. Snippy

    That pats need a new qb

  33. Anthony has no last name

    I will say this that raiders one against patriots not a pick 6 that was backwards so it's a fumble for a td.

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