Every NFL Fan's Prediction for Next Season (This Season 2022)

All the reaction videos from last season are complete. Which means it is time for This Season 2022.


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  1. Cloud Elk

    let repsoned to the teams now the season is over
    to steer true. To the raven, yes, but… to Pat, nope, he can't. To Bucc and all that family drama made Tom worst. To 49er, well, no at the time, but the reader took it after they did carr dirty. To Titian, true but not good enough, sadly. To Chief, well, actually, your division did not get better. Over the off-season, your rivals just got popcorn muscle, which means little to real strength. To Riader, that is not the worst thing they can do. To the Packer, the window broke, and now you are trying to open a new one. To Falcon, you are right. To Jets are so young to be out job. To the Jag, you know you did good, kid. To the Panther 6, you trade him to the 49ers. Cowboy, you will never win the Superbowl again. To the Cardinal, um, um, um, I don't know how to repost that. Saint, well, that happens too; Texan, well, yeah. To Brown, it could have been worst. Um, Rams, your player stopped showing up because they got hurt. To the Dolphins, he is not ba,d, but… to the Giants, the good news is they did start winning. To Bills, at least you didn't get srecw in overtime. To Viking, your regular season looks sexy, but your post-season…. to the Seahawk is a come-back player of the year, Geno Smith. To Bengal, the kitty did when they meowed but stopped when the Chief beat them, and now they whine about the ref. To the Colts, you did. "laugh" To "laugh" the "laugh" Bronco, I can't stop laughing. To the Eagle, hurt made another defense hurt. To the Lions, um, you didn't get a third place… you got second. To the Bears, well, he did not bust, and you got a first-draft pick. To the charger, yes, it was. To Commander didn't happen this season, but you will do that's good next season.

  2. Sus_God_Gamer

    3:47 spoke for all commanders fans on this planet

  3. David Weed

    I love how musically chaotic this is. Well done.

  4. Joshua Bowman

    Commanders silence I hate Dan snyder

  5. c0mf0rta61ynum6

    This Season:
    Steelers: Okay, yes, Kenny Pickett had a pretty solid rookie campaign. Solid enough to keep Mike Tomlin's streak of winning seasons alive another year.
    Ravens: Their injuries might not have been as high in terms of count, but the fact they couldn't keep Lamar on the field was a problem. And now, they have to try and work out a deal with him. Good luck Baltimore…
    Patriots: Maybe if Mac Jones had focused on taking the next steps needed instead of Griddying, he might have done better. Although, Matt Patricia and Joe Judge can only take him so far. And now they look to Bill O'Brien. And nobody feels bad for them.
    Buccaneers: Tom Brady hated his family so much that he had his first losing season in his career and wound up getting destroyed by the Cowboys in the playoffs. THE COWBOYS. IN THE PLAYOFFS.
    49ers: Luckily they needed to keep Jimmy G after Trey Lance went down. But now they're asking the same question again this off-season thanks to how well Brock Purdy played.
    Titans: I'd say even THAT was a stretch, Titans. Going from 7-3 to losing your last 7 and missing the playoffs? I would say you were the biggest underperformers this season, but I'll get to them later.
    Chiefs: Apparently that question didn't matter, since they wound up as Super Bowl Champions anyways. And now they're going to hold onto that like James Bradberry "held" Juju.
    Raiders: Too bad most of those letters were "L"…
    Packers: Force it all you want, that window slammed down HARD. For the first time in arguably EVER, the Lions have a better chance at the Super Bowl than the Packers.
    Falcons: Being one game out of the playoffs isn't too bad of a sign. And now that Brady's gone, their division is actually somewhat in their grasp. Maybe they should be hopin', not mopin'.
    Jets: Too bad Zach Wilson plays like he's 19 MONTHS old…
    Jaguars: That must have been the best ice cream they've ever had, going from #1 pick two years in a row, to winning their division, a playoff game, and putting up a fight against the Chiefs.
    Panthers: 6. The answer is 6. And it's not even because of injury. But somehow, they played even better WITHOUT him than when they did have him!
    Cowboys: Nope. Still no Super Bowl, still stuck with McCarthyism. And no, blaming communism will not get you a ring either…
    Cardinals: Well…he might have been half right?
    Saints: Drew Brees is not wigged. Question though: how do you feel about Derek Carr?
    Texans: That's basically the highlight of their season. Too bad they had to ruin their chances at the #1 pick, and now if they want it, they'll have to give up a lot. And since the Colts could also trade up, they might not have much of a choice.
    Browns: Can Saul figure out why Jacoby Brissett was a better QB for the Browns this year than the guy they fully guaranteed $230 million to?
    Rams: If those fans wanted to watch the official worst reigning Super Bowl champions in league history, then their money was well-spent.
    Dolphins: The real question is can Tua even remember his last name nowadays?
    Giants: Not only is winning now legal in New Jersey, you actually make the playoffs, beat the Vikings, AND wind up with the Coach of the Year. Most improved team? It's between them and Jacksonville.
    Bills: You were right. You just decided to screw yourselves. Only Leslie Frazier could make a backup o-line look like First Team All-Pros. I don't see them winning a ring as long as he's on their coaching staff.
    Vikings: Now if only your defense was as sexy as your coach. Maybe Brian Flores has a career as a fashion designer in his future now that he's the DC.
    Seahawks: You might have finally found your answer at QB. Geno Smith having the season he did is a massive sign that your rebuild shouldn't take nearly as long as expected.
    Bengals: The kitty got speared.
    Colts: How does giving away the largest lead in NFL history sound for "not blowing it somehow"?
    Broncos: Russ's cooking resulted in multiple failed health code violations. Remember that biggest underperformers comment I made with the 49ers? Yep, here they are!
    Eagles: He didn't have to for long, and with A.J. Brown AND Devonta Smith on his team? They came THAT close to a Super Bowl, and something tells me they'll be back in the near future.
    Lions: Actually, you will start 1-6, then go on to win 8 of your last 10, AND sweep the Packers, AND eliminate them from the postseason. To the Lions, that might as well be as good as winning the Super Bowl.
    Bears: Fields was actually one of the few highlights your team had this season. And with the first overall pick in their possession, they can likely trade it to get more draft capital.
    Chargers: I can tell you what your biggest "L" was. Going up 27 points in the wild card, and then proceeding to Charger it away as usual.
    Commanders: Dan Snyder still owner, and you were the only team in your division to not make the playoffs. Your hatred is justified, Wildflower.

  6. chanel henderson

    Wildflower is my favorite even though I'm a Lions fan 😂😂❤❤

  7. Denny

    Watching the Colts part after the season…..

  8. Southern Artist 1218

    Anybody rewatching this at the end of the season and seeing what didn’t happen

  9. Joseph Parent

    POV: You’re watching this the day after the divisional round

  10. ThaGudKing

    "Our entire offense will be just Derrick Henry."
    Well Todd Downing is your coach and he's surely helping, right!

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