The NFC East is Hurting | RIGGLE’S PICKS | FOX NFL

Fans of the NFC East sing out there woes of the 2018 season.

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The NFC East is Hurting | RIGGLE’S PICKS | FOX NFL

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  1. FOX Sports

    Which team will win the NFC East?

  2. Exception to the Rhule

    Still applicable in January 2022

  3. Wander Franco

    what song was this a parody of?

  4. Soft Noodle Jones

    How is this comedy, it's horrible. Glad they canned this jobber, Rob Riggle. Respect your service, bro, but you're not a comedian.

  5. Karl Manning

    I can’t find the iTunes link. 😐

  6. Sean Brathwaite

    Fast forward 2 years later. Funny how Riggle picked the Seahawks and Steelers. Both teams lost in major upsets in week 13 in 2020 to Giants and Washington. Giants in first place baby.

  7. Brady Stiltner

    2 years later: the giants offensive line injure Saquan Barkley

  8. jode boyd

    i thought this was from 2020

  9. sally chickenburger

    is that jackee harry?

  10. Arrhenius

    I didn't realize this storyline has been around for so long. It's kinda shocking how an entire division can be so bad for so long with no team ever taking advantage of the incompetence of the other 3. Wish my Rams played in this division

  11. Philadelphia Eagles News

    Oml lol

  12. Triple W Productions

    Bruh now saquon is injured

  13. Nathan Brice

    This should be updated to say, “We know where to place our bets. It could be worse, we could be the Jets.”

  14. Wormkey-

    this is still relevant

  15. Tyler Wright

    this is the same in 2020

  16. Mark Paulillo

    Still relevant in 2020

  17. ナイトウィング

    this division is getting worse

  18. Robert Covarrubio

    NFC East is still hurtin.

  19. Daniel Sullivan

    This video aged really well for 2019-20 season

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