Stephen A. on the Bengals: 'I love what I'm seeing from Cincinnati!' | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Michael Irvin react to the Cincinnati Bengals defeating the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.

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  1. Luis De Leon

    I want the bengals to win but imagine the bengals o-line vs the rams or 49ers pass rush. Has a quarterback ever been sacked 20+ times?

  2. Rafiki Prowse

    Is Stephen A having a stroke every time he mentions ryan tannerhill’s name?

  3. Dreams

    Tennessee should draft Malik Willis I could see the fit

  4. Anthony Thomas sr

    The Titian was not Superbowl material all year not surprised by the Bengals the shock would be If KC loses at home

  5. Vos Landeck

    Burrow is legit. They better improve that offensive line this off-season though….he's been getting killed back there the last 2 seasons. Please give the man some decent protection.

  6. Jeremycole

    Sending all my positive energy to Joe Burrow and the Bengals PLEASE BEAT KC!!!🙏🏿

  7. psycho millerboy513

    These guys burrow an chase the way my city acting.. they about to receive keys to the city of they get us there.. oh..the chiefs defense is suspect…remember that

  8. Chris Anderson

    Steven A. also said before the draft that if Burrow went to Cincinnati it would be the worst decision in Bengals history. Now he trying to say Burrow is that guy. 😂 what a joke Steven is!!

  9. Jon Wick

    Bengals are America's team


    WHO DEY ‼️‼️‼️

  11. latravisgriffin

    But months prior Stephen A said they'll take Ryan Tannehill over Matt Ryan

  12. jugadug

    Burrow beat mahomes already he ain't sacred of him or K.C team put together

  13. One Nation Underground

    That Bengals D though.

  14. M. Alley

    Give the defense and the kicker credit.

  15. Haiti St. Patricc

    The bengals are the perfect example of how one person can change your franchise…and i love chase its like watching a young peyton to a young Harrison.

  16. jade bethel

    Joe burrow will get my respect if he beats Kansas City again. I’m a niners fan but I like joe mixon ja mar chase and joe burrow

  17. UnhingedCanadian

    They won’t pull an upset if that offensive line plays the way they did against the titans cause the chiefs will drop 40-50 on em if they get the ball that many times.

  18. Carravaggio Mikelson

    Joey the ice man brr 💥

  19. camo jorel

    Is Jamar Chase faster or slower than Tyreek Hill?

  20. Raiderkilla619

    Raiders fans be like " we still think Derek Carr is better than Joe Burrow and Josh Allen combine" 😂 🤣

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