The GREATEST Interceptions in NFL History

The GREATEST Interceptions in NFL History

I think I might’ve forgot a play.

Next video will be greatest pick sixes, and it’ll only be half as long (i can’t promise anything)

NFL Best Pick Six Interceptions of the 2020-21 Season!

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  1. pentafast

    Absolutely hated Troy Pollamalu ( sorry prob butcherd his name)when he played…Because im a Pats fan…But he is one of the all time great safeties ive ever seen play for sure…Respect the ish out that mans game!

  2. GrandMassive

    2:16 Teammates: lets just go ahead and slip that back on real quick

  3. Zac F

    Does anyone actually think that adults playing a child’s game need other adults to referee and video review calls on the field?

  4. TheOfficialJAG

    That Cin player Peko.. Jesus what a phat ass.

  5. Crazy Cane

    My favorite is: “intersepted at the goal line by Malcolm Butler” I might be a pats fan

  6. Michael Johnson

    The Patriots are the greatest team in NFL history, showing Brady being intercepted is BS, check the wins.

  7. Anthony Reyes

    Do it for this year season

  8. Magic C Palmer

    Football then is'. Football then it is today.

  9. Jamal Anderson

    Pro bowl doesn’t count, half the guys aren’t trying while the other half are giving 110% effort

  10. Peace Maker

    A couple of bad calls in there but good video.

  11. Michael Pineda

    8:29 the DB knocked the QB out with the football 😂

  12. Eyanks Rios

    Wth your telling me that grimes interceptions are better than DEION SANDERS Come on man

  13. Detective _

    The Seahawks interception

  14. Daryl Allen

    9:05 – O line false start. That play should have been blown dead.

  15. Tyra Lumpkin- Coffey

    This is gonna. Be cool

  16. Ali Dez

    I don’t give a fuck about the Rams, but the Chargers will always be the SAN DIEGO Chargers to me. ⚡️ 💙💛

  17. Ali Dez

    That was a nice tackle by T.O. though. Lol

  18. jimmy hintz

    3:03 what is the score boards person smoking

  19. Wade Wilson

    3:03 you know that production guy already had the graphic loaded up and probably didn't even look up from his League of Legends game to hit the play button when he heard "touchdown"

  20. Paul Saunders

    The defense scoring is just different the whole d-line going to the end zone😂😂

  21. Targvt Yt

    Can we get a moment of silence for budha baker😔


    surprised you missed taron johnson's 101 yd pick six in the bills playoff game against the ravens

  23. Dakota Lynde

    If you’re reading this Jesus loves you!

  24. Danny_vic

    I’m so glad we got rid of stafford

  25. Peyton Manning

    It said Dallas touchdown but Washington got one

  26. Darrien Baker Williams

    Tom Brady suck

  27. Preston Aytes

    Jj what is not good he trash all day trash

  28. My’Leah Smith

    7:52 is a middle finger right?

  29. Sports Region

    It’s funny how all those clips have tony romo and Jim natz

  30. Hunter Matthews

    This has to be an edit, Sam Darnold did not throw a pick six

  31. Quenteq Mampff

    Weird title. A pick six implies it was intercepted

  32. Very chill child

    3:03 there is something wrong scoreboard person

  33. christo siegel

    why the fuck did u use that thumbnail lol

  34. Peyton IDK

    You should do best game winning pick sixes!

  35. Collide Dripy

    Best pick is McCoy but it was against the jets

  36. Mattox

    when you come home after a bad day at school: 4:28

  37. Loafe Mcsweet

    I like how most of the plays are with either a Quarterback that your local sports channels can't stop talking about how great they are or by someone who is about to be traded. Either way it is good to see Brady in here mutiple times.

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