NHL Betting Tips | 2022 NHL Handicapping Strategy

NHL Betting Tips | 2022 NHL Handicapping Strategy

NHL Betting Tips | 2022 NHL Handicapping Strategy

How should you monitor morning skate reports? How important are starting goalie announcements? Three of WagerTalk’s top NHL handicappers – Dave Cokin, Bryan Leonard and Las Vegas Cris – join Joe Raineri for an informative conversation about NHL betting in 2022. Our power play trio shares some of their favorite hockey betting tips.

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  1. mzpnL

    shout out to the pvd bruins ⚓️. thank you for the knowledge, gentlemen.

  2. Huardy

    is there anyway to get access to this spreadsheet?

  3. buu zuu

    did u make a mill? i watched it til 14th minute title was reason i clicked on it
    but i think its possible tho depending on bettor & bank roll
    but ur 43 winning days & 12 losing days seems ok

    + its not looking good a im starting to c covid cases again for sport on sportcentre news at bottom nhl with flames havin some out game was postponed today & nfl with active cases already seems like a 3rd yr of covid is near not cool tho
    i just got bak on my feet worked for 2mnths then company had to let me go due to covid 4mnths struggled findin easy work similar to what i did for 2mnths was heaps easy then i had issues doing container work again not being fit kinda injured myself for 3-4weeks back & such
    but so much restrictions when covid isolation isnt healthy 3rd yr of covid would b a disaster

    y i wana hurry up & bet again 1-2weeks instead of the 3-6weeks i was planin to have little longer off but seeing more sports stars being quartined again i wana bet again b4 it happens again
    wednesday fixture looks good alot of games

    im planing on doing totals for single team not overall total 3.5over for some teams has some value usually average price $2.20 or littl more

    atm just doing mainly wins so 1-2 bets a day depending on amount of games on i like bigger days not smaller days coz i bet small

    nxt year i wana mak more from it finals for nhl start end of june plenty of time still

    but hoping covid stays away struggle has been hard in last 3 or so years covid isnt good for any1 with amount of people giving up as well & losing businesses & such hoping no 3rd yr for covid

  4. Mike Cooper

    Thanks for the content ! 👍

  5. Zaidur Rahman

    Your problem is solving now Try – Zcode system – (just google it, especially line reversals tool)? I’ve got pretty good results with it, when signal sensitivity is 14+ and smart money move arrow appearing and public over 65% on favorite

  6. Jan Hromádka

    Where can i find the excel sheet please???

  7. Bob Nicholson

    Tampa Bay Lightning over Nashville forecast is +.57 (-172) today

  8. Bob Nicholson

    Oilers winner 8-5

  9. Bob Nicholson

    Edmonton over Ottawa Forecast is +.53 (-208 a little expensive)

  10. Bob Nicholson

    Tampa Bay 4-3 WON

  11. Bob Nicholson

    Todays bet according to model i s Tampa Bay at +.56 on forecast (-166)

  12. Bob Nicholson

    Just a point of fact…following and made your NHL model(followed video) with threshold of .3… this season (2021) is 22-8 73%…Outstanding!! net $871

  13. Saied Khan

    Are you using stats aggregated on March 11th for games in January? Or are you using data that would be available at the time of each game? My models look great like yours (60-65% winners) until I take the time to use the appropriate data.


    Just subbed to your channel. Can't wait to follow you during football season

  15. TR DiveS

    Where’s mlb model

  16. numiga

    Hi, with the return of nhl, and since they are all playing in neutral field, are you gone erase the home advantage factor from your power ranking model?

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