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  1. Off-season Productions

    Put your mock draft down below!!! Also beat by Takezo.

  2. vernon rochester

    Out of all of the positions, we need to find the next Casey Hampton. We find that it improves the defense and the office with that one player.

  3. Crosby4ever

    Kenny Pickett would love this draft 2 more people protecting him and on defence people who can get him the ball back

  4. matthew Thomas

    If Addison survives the first round I think the Steelers will snag him with the 32pick because, we all know the Steelers are going to draft Joey Porter Jr. with the first pick cause Steelers love their bloodlines. then expect them to go heavy in the trenches by drafting a big nose tackle (Ika)? or DT (Dexter)? and Oline (vorhees)? expect edge depth too. Wouldn't be surprised if they go ILB either.

  5. Phillip A. Giandiletti

    RD1: Jordan Addison, WR
    RD2: Devon Witherspoon, CB
    RD2: Tyler Smith, DT
    RD3: Andrew Vorhees, OG
    RD4: Brenton Cox Jr, OLB
    RD7: Steven Gilmore, CB
    RD7: Dontae Bull, OT

  6. Kevin Gaskin

    i think we are solid and the unit showed immense growth thru the years actually. I would like trent thompson because ryan shazier was taken from us due to injury

  7. Skylar Cannon

    I watched a couple videos talking about saints want to trade tyran matheus for Kazee are they true??

  8. cookie monster

    solid mock draft!!!! gonna be interesting to see whats available

  9. HughMungus83

    1.17: Paris Johnson Jr – B+
    1.32: Eli Ricks – C-
    2.49: Tommy Eichenberg – F
    3.80: Mazi Smith – D
    4.119: Zak Zinter – E

  10. Tim Barmore

    Round 1 O'Cyrus Torrence*, G, Florida Height: 6-5. Weight: 335.

    Round 2 Gervon Dexter*, DT, Florida
    Height: 6-6. Weight: 308.

    Round 2 Siaki Ika*, DT, Baylor
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 350

    Round 3 Jaylon Jones, CB, Texas A&M Height: 6-2. Weight: 205.

    Round 4 Darnell Washington*, TE, Georgia Height: 6-7. Weight: 265.

    Round 7 Dee Winters, OLB, TCU
    Height: 6-1. Weight: 230.

    Round 7 Henry Bainivalu, G, Washington Height: 6-7. Weight: 330.

  11. LMK Reptiles-Kenn

    I really think we are going to sign Tremaine Edmonds from the Bills so Lb in the second is off the board. I'd like to get Voorhees with our 2nd pick in the 2nd rd. And a BIG D linemen instead of Zitner. But If we don't get Edmonds then I like it.

  12. jadedtoday

    1 (17): Joey Porter Jr
    TRADE 1 (25): Trenton Simpson (LB)
    2 (49): Cody Mauch (T)
    4 (120): Jaxson Kirkland (T)
    6 (193): PJ Mustipher (DT)

  13. DubbleDizzle ??

    1st – Christian Gonzalez CB Oregon
    2nd – Siaki Ika NT Baylor
    2nd – Ocryus Torrence IOL Florida
    3rd – Jack Campbell LB Iowa
    4th – Cody Mauch OT
    7th – Nathaniel Dell WR Houston
    7th – DJ Johnson Edge

  14. Steeler Mixes

    i like devon whiterspoon from illinois over eli ricks imo

  15. ToxicWaters 688

    1.17 jordan ad/Quinn Johnson (whoever the packers/patriots don’t take) 2.1 eli ricks/anton harrison (i have the steelers signing steele to take dan moores LT spot) 2.17 drew sanders (replace highsmith if we don’t want to pay him 18m+) 3.17 possible luxury pick with a DT/ or a 3/4 DE.

  16. Jesse Haskins

    The offensive line has been solid this year but lacks a standout. Paris Johnson would fill that role well, especially as a left tackle. However, you could argue that a true #1 corner should be selected in round 1. Someone like Kelee Ringo or Cam Smith paired with All pro Fitzpatrick as well as Edmunds and Sutton who are both solid players may take this defense to the next level.

  17. The Egyptian Queen

    My order

    Round 1: 1st round Peter Skoronski or Ohio State Paris Johnson for LT position or the Top center in the draft, and pick one of these tackles of available for the second pick, and move CB to round 3 and so on. We can move Mason Cole to LG if a Top Center is avail, and K. Dotson can be the backup.. but we def need a LT the next pick (Dan Moore and Dotson IMO are backups)

    Round 2: Christian Gonzalez or Joey Porter for CBs
    Round 3 : Trenton Simpson or Drew Sanders for ILBs
    Round 4: Bryan Bresee or Jalen Carter for DTs

    The other rounds dont care they would just be bonuses

  18. Danny Sturgill

    Hopefully Noah sewell ILB Oregon 1st pick definitely our biggest need losing Jack, bush, Spillane DT 2nd OT 3rd

  19. Pratheek Immanuel Stanley

    No way mazi falls that far

  20. lashad davis

    If there’s a cornerback i would go Clark Phillips III dudes a ball magnet

  21. Edward Watts

    Hope you are right, liked the picks

  22. I-Know_SteelCity⚫️🟡

    Ain’t no way you picked Jones nd Witherspoon is still on the board lol. It would be a blessing if Witherspoon fell to us , that’s the only person I’m picking over a lineman besides the Ohio state OT

  23. Jj Mitchell

    Siaki ika then Emmanuel Forbes

  24. Skylar Cannon

    Henden Hooker if he's still there

  25. Skylar Cannon

    It's a no brainer at 49 if he's still there

  26. Skylar Cannon

    At 49 jack Campbell from Iowa

  27. Austin Paula

    Give me Hunter Luepke in the 6th or 7th round

  28. Alley Oop !

    I want Brian Branch round 1 he can be top 10 at db spot

  29. Jump Street24

    Cornelous Johnson is the sleeper 6th or 7th rounder pick. Steal of a player easily.

  30. Jump Street24

    Mock Draft.
    1. Broderick Jones – Oline or Peter Skrownki – Oline
    2. Emmanuel Forbes – CB or Eli Ricks – CB. Or top 5 CB who feel
    2.2. Mazi Smith – DLine or Gervon Dexter – Dline
    3. Diayan Henley – ILB or Noah Sowell – ILB(long gone id believe, take if available) jack Campbell good option.
    4. Colby Wooden Edge or Zion Tupolu Fetui – Egde
    6. Rejon Wright – Cb or Riley Moss – Cb
    7. Cornelous Johnson Wr or Malik Cunningham Qb

  31. Delante Odom

    Pick up Ben Powers in FA, select Jones round 1, JPJ round 2, Saki Round 2, Campbell round 3. Best player available rest of the draft

  32. Josh Sherwin

    You doing that clicking noise every 2 seconds while you’re looking for players is the most annoying sound of all time. Stop

  33. Hec Santi

    Only idiots make a dumb mock draft like this one 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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