Barcelona vs. Manchester United FULL PREVIEW: Can rock-solid Barca stop Rashford? | ESPN FC

Barcelona vs. Manchester United FULL PREVIEW: Can rock-solid Barca stop Rashford? | ESPN FC

Barcelona vs. Manchester United FULL PREVIEW: Can rock-solid Barca stop Rashford? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Ale Moreno looks ahead to a mouth-watering Europa League first leg clash between Barcelona and Manchester United at the Camp Nou. Moreno talks Marcus Rashford vs. Barcelona’s unbeatable defence, and whether or not Frenkie de Jong made the right call in picking Barca over Man Utd in the summer transfer window.

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Two of the giants of world football, near the peak of their powers, clash in a two-legged Europa League battle.

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  1. Brenzo

    Ten Hag pulled a fast one with Rashford up top and Wout in the hole. It's good Barca do not have Dembele available.

  2. Papayaw Asamoah

    Lol. This guy was so wrong 😂🤣🤣

  3. Prince Varughese

    Wow.. All of Ale Moreno’s predictions went wrong. Rashford bossed their defence. Lewa was invisible. Moreno’s Barca love clouded his judgment!😅

  4. Maz Serenity

    And there was the result: did you say “Barca 2-1? Lol this is why you lads are so expert at just Willy nillying teams who you have no idea what u are talking about

  5. Robert Kelly

    Barça has Negreira who will bring the referees to the camp Nou Dasnil 95 stadium. Negreira for president.

  6. Maboh Fuhnwi

    I like how they keep stressing on the fact that Barça has conceded just 7 goals in 21 games in LA Liga. I am more interested in how many they conceded in 6 games in Europe. La Liga had two top teams. Barça does not really get tested that much. It is no surprise why they struggle in Europe.

  7. Wentmos

    moreno waffles so much

  8. Wilson23

    Why would you expect Barcelona dominate possession? LOL. If United want to play like Villarreal then Barca would have 44% possession and be forced to run without the ball. This Barca cannot dominate every team via possession. Especially without Busquets you can force Barca to become very vertical and erratic. But of course United as typical english team can sit back in away game.

  9. The complete truth

    Ten hag didn't say Ronaldo doesn't have a place in manchester united, he only said that ronaldo should follow the process of rebuilding the team that's all.

  10. KH Sakib

    People discarding Lewy are in for slap in the face! A Robert Lewandowski masterclass loading…

  11. Mjeez

    Would love to watch Araujo vs Rashford

  12. A J

    Imagine being ESPN pundits and you don't even know Martinez is not playing today

  13. Mjeez

    Visca barca 💜❤️

  14. TouchMe-SAMA

    Very good matchup, both teams have something to gain from beating the other, for both it would be a statement, let's go 💯✌🏽.

  15. Shani Naqvi

    araujo finally getting the recognition he deserves

  16. Mathew Vatilifa

    thisAle moreno guy so bias in his analysis that he backed deffender to stop rashford when asked about Rashy attacking barca, but when asked about lewendoski vs martinez and verane, he opt to refer to himself as a striker in defence of a striker attacking man u. my point is why as "a Striker" he did not opt to back Rushy vs Barca defence but but as a "striker" he backed barca's striker? well i guess the answer is coz he is biased against man u in his analysis, his points have no value or substance whatsoever.

  17. Edwin Eimann

    But this guy with the ear pods a Barcelona fan fosho

  18. The Padded Cell

    I hope Barcelona go through just to stop this overhyped Man Utd biased view from carrying on. They get a 2-2 draw with Barca, 1 goal being an own goal and the other being poor near post goalkeeping and suddenly it's the second coming of the Fergie days and the Quadruple is on. Deluded fans and media

  19. Victor Kreig

    Still waiting for Jamie to apologize to Licha

  20. Canelo p4p #1 🇲🇽

    Barça 🔴🔵

  21. Barry H.

    Barcelona will go through …

  22. Mindfull

    2-2 at Camp Nou ….ill take that

  23. Tommy Petersen

    Ive got an ekstra ticket for the return game at old trafford for sale. Inbox me for info. NB no wire transfer will be requested. Only payment to me when we meet in person,

  24. A R

    Kate is such a baddie, gets better with age

  25. MrMoses86

    it's time to prove where we are against biggest team in the world

  26. Lincoln Simon

    Mu gonna win the premier league

  27. Domas

    I don’t see man United winning this game, no martinez. Will be a really good result if can get a draw

  28. Ali Ehsan Sifat


  29. Tanner Williams

    As a Man United fan I honestly don’t mind the result either way. We have so much fixture congestion that us dropping out of Europa wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

  30. Elsan98tz

    "Martinez is too short to play in the backline, EtH made a big mistake for signing him. It won't work out" . Now he is swallowing his words 🤣🤣🤣. Anyway, Glory Glory Manchester United 🏆🏆✊

  31. Hivengua Mateus

    they will concede 2 goals against man utd

  32. Br0k3NNativE

    As a ManU fan, this match couldn't have been more perfectly timed for right now! We not weak but we also not yet at our best. I think a win over Barca would cement our form and progress moving forward.

  33. Simon M

    barca will win this gme u no chance


    United will score but can they stop Barca from scoring?? If Barca can’t score on United. ManU will lift the trophy.

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