Complaints Reach $221K

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Read Report: players have complained of 1,786 worth of unpaid withdrawals. 153 players have filed payout complaints with Sportsbook Review concerning the extreme payment delays.


  1. Shel Don

    Please guys assist me BetOnline closed my account and confiscated my funds for no reason over 11,304 dollars I haven’t received a cent as yet

  2. Bryan Lorden

    Do not use this website. 1 out of 3 customer support reps actually care to help. On 5/9 I decided to bet 1k on multiple hands. Delaer gets a 17 I hit an 18 which means I win. I looked at my balance and it didn't change. I hit up support, their famous response "log out and log back in" I did this multiple times. I filed a report that Thursday. I called daily to check in and ended up filing 5 more reports.

    I get a call on 5/16 telling me they had a system glitch. However the glitch was for the players. Meaning I won "hands I did'nt play" whish was completely wrong. I told Lou on multiple occasions my 1k did not appear. He told me I won that night because of the systema errors. On multiple occasions I had won, and I asked if it was the "system error" he said no.

    I asked again to please credit the 1 I won and he told me he would not credit it because multiple hands had won due to their error. All I saw was I kept winning and others were loosing. I had a good run. Then I lost it all. I asked for my 1k again and he gave me the same excuse. This isnt the only time it's happened. I've doubled multiple times and it stays or just hits sometimes. It's stayed on 8 or 9 and I get upset and ask why that happened, their repsonse "log out and log back I've won multiple rummies and pairs and didn't get paid out.

    I complained and Lou is a very mean, arrogant person. Out of the thousands of dollars they owe me, he sent me a $25 credit and said that should make it better. I makes me sick that they allow this to happen. Also, they sent me in circles. Live casino is seperate so they each point fingers at eachother. I've vowed to post this on every blog and site so that it doesn't happen to anyone else. they're a scam. One other thing. I won 13k and asked for a payout. they delayed it 5 business days, then said I can only ask for 5k.

    I asked for 5k, 5 days laater they change it to 2k because it had casino winnings. I had won 35k and ended up losing it because they wouldn't let me add funds while it was pending so they set you up to fail. Stay clear from this site. Te reps don't care and the live casino is terrible. Do not use this website!!!!!! Scammers at its finest here.

  3. nunya bizzniss

    You should not be allowed to run a sportsbook online if you do not have a real casino!  BET DSI has gone to shit as well!

  4. Businessman Scientist

    They couldn't process my last withdraw of $5000 although I had 2 successful withdraws with the same bank before. They even debit my $150 fee and said no refund when I asked for it.


    Carbonsports ag Owes me 2000 Grand since 2-6-17. They haven't even processed it yet everytime I log onto to the site. It's asking me to cancel my witbdraw. Don't play with carbonsports

  6. Businessman Scientist

    I've just requested a withdrawal on 2/24/2017 for $5K. Their support team said that it'll take 1-3 week. I'll update you guys on the process.

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