2022 College Football Playoff Semifinals: KEYS TO WIN FOR EACH TEAM | CBS Sports HQ

Brady Quinn and Danny Kanell join CBS Sports HQ to preview the College Football Playoff Semifinals and gives keys to win for each team.


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  1. Wes Welch

    Let's go TCU…and hey Dawgs go lay down and let them pups suck some tit

  2. Azariah Tedford

    George is going to Railroad Ohio State to the national championship

  3. Alex Bowers

    Make it a shoot out😂😂 dude forgets Georgia can pass the ball and will have AD Mitchell back

  4. Marquis Frazier

    Brady still looks like he's in college

  5. A.K. Onezerothree

    Fuck Quinn he is still pissed cuz OSU beat ND down.

  6. Grant Taylor the prophecy

    All Georgia doing is watching the tape of what our wolverines did to OSU and with that being said they play about the same way should be an easy day for the bulldogs imo TCU just needs to keep praying 🤣🤣🤣

  7. blue fridge

    he is opting out because he doesnt want to get embarrassed in primetime.

  8. Martino

    Playoffs weak this year's tcu please

  9. Steven Royer

    Marvin Harrison Jr is a better receiver anyway

  10. Steven Royer

    This is almost identical when Ohio state got Alabama in the first round of the first playoff and Bama was a bigger powerhouse than Georgia is now and everyone counted them out and my buckeyes with a 3rd string QB smacked em.not saying its gonna happen again but don't write them off

  11. Triple QQQ

    So Ohio State's offense is better than Tennessee? How many ranked teams did Ohio State play this year?

  12. Ant TV

    Ohio state is trash. What happened when y’all played Michigan?

  13. Andrew Goldsmith

    Can the buckeyes pull the upset in the peach bowl

  14. julian singh

    CBS has the hudl highlight tracks

  15. SIDE EYE

    If you switch receivers of Ohio and Georgia, witch QB will win with no doubt?

  16. Franco Bradshaw

    Just not two blowouts lol

  17. shane bennett

    Marvin Harrison Jr < Jalen Hyatt

  18. Jerardo Vazquez

    Bulldogs versus Horned Frogs go TCU🤘

  19. Chacaab Bay Lee

    We had a one loss cfp champion last year…..and will again. TCU is gonna shock the football world.

  20. Griffin Trotter

    TCU not so low key has the best cornerback tandem in the playoffs. We can stack the box with 7 or 8 and beat these boys.

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