Sports Betting with MR Mike #1 – How to BET the NFL

We are launching a new series with MR Mike a long time Las Vegas professional sports bettor and handicapper. We start off with How to Bet the NFL. In this video we cover where to bet, the betting sheet, taking points, the money line, betting budget and other basics.


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  1. ihavehotmail2

    Bet on the underdog at home

  2. Steve Hurst

    Would like to know how Mike does this for a living. What is his approach, strategy, plan?

  3. Jonathan MacConkey

    This really helped me out! I have always been mystified by Sports Betting. Never made sense to me. Thanks David !

  4. Jerry P

    Awesome! Keep it up!

  5. Chris Munoz - Mr. I Do Everything!

    Paylays are for suckers.

  6. chris anderson

    WHOA!!!!! This guy said the Redskins!!!! This is not progressive!!!!!!!

  7. Tony Gandara

    I'm glad you are now talking about sports betting. I am learning and already know about the bets. What I want to know is how you know what to bet on, what information is used to be more accurate in the bets placed. I understand you cannot predict players getting hurt or kicked out.

  8. Joshua Nichols

    So Greenbay Packers by +7 points ??? Go pack Go 🧀🧀🧀🧀

  9. Eric Wazner


  10. rockyv23

    Looking forward to this. Keep up the great work!!!

  11. Principal Skinner

    Love this series. Can he give us a 5 leg parley and he can call it
    “the degen parley of the week” I can always use a crazy follow play

  12. Jaime Salas

    Casino quest =#1 gambling go to

  13. Jaime Salas

    I been waiting for this!!!!!!!!

  14. SeaBass Podcast

    Good pick with using the mic packs. Eliminates the pounding on the table issue.

  15. Squirrel Nutz

    I'm so flattered he said Redskins. Yes! Skins for life.

  16. LAshadow8

    David tried his best. This has potential to be an excellent tutorial/discussion. Mike seems to know but he needs to let David finish his sentences and guide the conversation into a free flowing discussion. Hope u try again.

  17. Robert Barnes

    Looking forward to Mike's bets. Speaking of which, how about this weekend's games?

  18. Neil Richey

    This dude doesn't know how to teach anybody, he is just talking over David. He talks as If people already know what they are doing, that isn't helpful.

  19. Scott Mariani

    That was fantastic! I was just asking Jacob at WagerMeThis for video now I don't need it, thank you

  20. ick5353

    Love this new series! For me, sports betting is the big black hole of mystery in gambling. Interesting to learn a new aspect.

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