2011 NBA Draft Highlights – Selections Of Kyrie, Klay, Kawhi, Kemba, Butler, IT in 60th Pick!

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1st – Kyrie Irving, 2nd – Derrick Williams, 3rd – Enes Kanter, 4th – Tristan Thompson, 5th – Jonas Valanciunas, 6th – Jan Vesely, and 7th – Bismack Biyombo. Like, comment, and subscribe for more!
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    Oh shitttt Pacers!! Dont do tht trade!!!!

  2. Mr Wilson House Groove

    damn never knew kawhi was in indiana before😲😲

  3. Jimmy Chen

    The Cavs are very unlucky, they could have had Kyrie and another all star from this draft class instead of Thompson and the Cavs should have kept Wiggins and this team would be Kryie, Wiggins, Kawhi, and Lebron.

  4. Joven Camacho

    Damn,, this is a stacked draft…

  5. YEE

    Sacrament messed up by not taking Klay Thompson

  6. Rolando Sta Elena

    Dude, I just feel bad for Minnesota fans. Derrick Williams? Stop listening to Jay Bilas. I mean Gol dang.

  7. Min Young

    So in this batch the players who have rings – Klay, Kyrie, Kawhi, Shumpert, Tristan Thompson, Markieff Morris – hmmn, 4 of these players with LBJ 😅

  8. Ivan Capid

    The biggest mistake is the pacers trade kawhi to spurs and what if he doesn't trade with the spurs, maybe the outcome of his tandem with paul george will be good, they can become champions if he isn't traded, it looks like they can beat together the big 3 of the miami heat. and at the same time paul George reached their prime

  9. Edward Fordyce

    Pacers fucked up again

  10. Xelaki

    damn indiana missed out a lot on kawhi

  11. June Tijam

    celtics rosters are kyrie irving, isiah thomas, tristan thompson, enes kanter and kemba walker.

  12. RaizenRitz TV

    2:30 With the Second Pick of the 2011 NBA DRAFT

    The Minnesotta Timberwolves Selects…..

    IM A BUST 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Leotxc

    WTF? Kawai Leonard pick 15 this man is the best nowadays in the NBA

  14. Ayell Nunez✰

    6:51 Klay😈🔥🔥🔥

  15. mehmeh 02

    Totally this is the best year of draft season because most of the players pick rised on their own time..

  16. Andres Gonzalez

    one of the best drafts kawhi, klay, kyrie, james harden


    if someone told me back then that the 1st and 60th pick would be the centerpieces of a blockbuster trade one day I probably won't believe him

  18. fierysmoke 781

    George hill for kawaii will go down as a tragedy for Indiana till they win

  19. Kimzahoi Thiek

    Fans reaction when jazz pick Ernest later with mixed cheers a bit of happy cheers and lot of unhappy sound…. How come he's pick before Klay Thompson

  20. 6IXCANADA . TV

    Raptors Draft Good Players 🇨🇦💪

  21. Alperen Sert

    Sırf Vesely için açıp izledim iyi ki varsın VESELY 💛💙

  22. j

    Veseley really hit his career peak 3 seconds after he got drafted

  23. mark anderson

    Imagine raptors drafted kwahi Leonard with demar derozan easily dynasty plus siakam in 2016

  24. Alan Gutiérrez

    Los Picks de los Sacramento Kings son una puta burla jajajaja

  25. yungcs916

    Kings 1st pick was stupid!

  26. Kalakal Boy

    One of the Best Underrated draft class ever

  27. Shazam096

    As a raptors fan we should have drafted Kawhi at 5 he even tried out with but still got a good player.

  28. Voice of Validity

    Who tf is Derrick Williams?
    Who tf is John Vesley?

  29. Ulquiorra Cifer

    If they redrafted knowing how good these players would become

    #1 Cavaliers: Kawhi Leonard
    #2 Timberwolves: Kyrie Irving
    #3 Jazz: Klay Thompson
    #4: Cavaliers: Kemba Walker
    #5: Raptors: Jimmy Butler
    #6: Wizards: Tobias Harris
    #7: Kings: Marcus Morris

  30. Pollilo 88

    NBA scouts are so useless.

  31. Blast Blaster

    this draft class is so stacked

  32. iWinOnYouHoes

    This draft class is easily top 3 of the 2010s but the order they drafted oh my god it’s hard to look at lmao, so many all stars drafted late by teams who would be DYNASTIES RN if they had drafted right, smh

  33. Ilham Nurfadillah

    cavs select wrong thompson

  34. Urkoni IW

    Fuck Enes 🖕🏾🖕🏾

  35. Dirk Nowitzki

    Now in Germany and Turkey

  36. Hakan Arıkan

    Oç kanter

  37. Danny Kim

    Damn if Cavs drafted klay or kawhi after drafting kyrie, whole nba history would have been changed lol

  38. Batuhan Bal

    abi derrick williamsi aldik ya fenere saka gibi

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