Sports Betting: How to Bet and How to Win! – Part One

This is part one of a two-part video where American Casino Guide author, Steve Bourie, interviews Blair Rodman for details on how to make sports bets and how to be a long-term winner at sports betting. Blair’s new book, “All About Sports Betting,” will be released in late 2019. Topics covered include: Blair’s background as a professional gambler, a brief history of U.S. sports betting and why it is now being expanded throughout the country, plus an explanation of how sportsbooks make their money. They then discuss how to make various sports bets, including: money line, point spreads, totals (over/under), futures, prop bets, parlays, and more. They also give examples of how to read betting lines for both football and baseball games. In part two, Blair gives details on what is needed to be a long-term winner at sports betting and he gives specific tips to help bettors achieve that goal.

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  1. adam LastMan

    Vegas all league's in bed scripted rigged fixed manipulated

  2. Alan Gurrola

    This vid was fire!

  3. Ta’Laura Ladii

    thanks for the video

  4. severito33

    Now I understand why gamblers addicts say sport gambling is the worst kind of gambling only second to slot machines , it’s a sucker bet.

  5. Erwin Orellano

    Get to the fucking point!!!!

  6. Dev Man

    Think I’ll stick with blackjack lol

  7. Bill Zardus

    Is there any way to determine if the money line numbers are "fair" to bettors ?
    When you are betting against the number, you can take either side of the same number so there is no way
    for the casino to manipulate that. But how can you tell if the money line payoff for each, or either, team is fair ?
    It seems like casinos could easily manipulate the payoff for either team to be less than it should be.
    Put another way, if the Money line was -303 in this game for Dallas, can you calculate what the
    money line on Buffalo should have been ?
    Bill Z
    Delaware County, PA

  8. jetske_

    i lost to fucking spal

  9. Nathan Dubois

    green bay won by seven to maximize the most bet (wpuld you take green bay to win ..or just to cover

    or chiciago to meet the spread?

  10. Sports Gambling Daily Free Picks Today

    Thank you! i loved the K Phil Book

  11. It’s a beaut Clark

    Bet GB +3!!!

  12. mailboy79

    If you want to get to the point just go to 10:02

  13. Eric B

    I’m going to purchase your book today !

  14. Eric B

    Finally sports betting !! Thanks !!!

  15. jeremy scorpio

    If you want people to learn a very basic strategy teach them to take their favorite team in-game live betting and have them bet the moneyline of their favorite team AFTER their favorite team gets scored on 👍

    So if they like the cowboys at -500 on the moneyline? Just wait until the opposite team SCORES on them and pick up the cowboys at -300 or -250 ect to win on the NEW moneyline ingame 👈

    Or just skip all that and play the patriots 1st half moneyline until the playoffs and jump off them when they lose 2 games straight on that 1st half moneyline

    Regardless tho….betting on your favorite team to WIN on the moneyline when your favorite team is getting there ass kicked? Might be a decent strategy because you'll get much better odds to win or you might get lucky and get + odds on the spread <<<<😎

    *but if your new just focus on the moneyline*

  16. Jamiekins

    I went to the site of the guy from AU and checked and the coarse is $7,900. I am just poking around to find out some information on his site.

  17. thehighcommissiooner2011

    Great video, especially for the novice! Where's Part 2, please?

  18. Shun Childress

    Sportsbetting is the best thing that has happened in the US!!!!! I am so glad is getting legal every where.

  19. Jean-Francois Roy

    Was always intimidated by all the numbers now I feel I can place a few bets & have fun ! Thank you !!!

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