El Pres, Big Cat & Rico Bosco are back for another week of picks. We start off with the drama after RNR, the comments Dave made on the Dave Portnoy Show and Rico going after Dan Dakich on twitter. Dave is still giving a full card in a effort to win the Pat Hill Trophy.

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  1. Gerry McDonald

    Rico needs psychiatric help, meds, and a mom. Dave seems to care but actual behaviour indicates he's more interested in milking Rico for whatever value he can get out of Rico, not in caring for his so-called friend. Shame on you Dave.

  2. TMT 1

    Rico is a strange one haha he’s like a stubborn kid either pouty or screaming 😂 most likely totally unit based. Not a good vibe if you want to get pumped to hit some tickets!

  3. darthtrabia

    Go Utes 🙌🏻

  4. darthtrabia

    Good ollllll Rico. Always disgruntled

  5. Deadliest Couch

    Weekly podcast should be called
    Two Jews and an Irishman

  6. Domenic DeSimone

    THROW THE HOUSE ON GEORGIA ST -4.5 vs ball state

  7. Evan West

    Rico is literally so dumb he is a good person to bet against. I’d bet my mortgage against meco Bosco. Just need him to start having games of the year.

  8. Gabriel Whitman

    this dude Rico stay cryin

  9. T P

    Rico seems like he got made fun of when he was little

  10. Aman

    It’s been a full season of Rico’s crying I can’t stand this. Half the 58 minutes is him complaining.

  11. Bryce

    I spit my drink out when Rico said “sounds like a good trip” and then backed out of going in real time right after

  12. Begbuster

    "Got it" Lenny 2021

  13. Shaublagooo

    The Barstool Pickem show has become “The Therapy For Rico Show” with 5 to 10 minutes set aside for picks (Not surprising that Rico hijacked the show) —— I will never understand the victimhood status while simultaneously trying to gain clout —— a very wise man once said, “Don’t listen to what people say, watch what they do”

  14. Micah Harlow

    do they ever talk about football???

  15. Shaublagooo

    Folks, Body Language and Facial Expressions don’t lie, RB needs to start loving on people and stop hating on people — God Gave Us TWO EARS and only ONE MOUTH , why? Because listening is more important than speaking….

  16. No Regrets

    Rico Bosco is an enigma! I am a huge Rico Bosco fan (even though he blocked me on Twitter; but I don’t get butt hurt baby — I’m a ride till I physically die Ryder)

  17. Jay L

    Rico or Meco no matter what we ride

  18. MattFosterGymnastics

    Sad day when the pick em is over. LONG LIVE RICO BO$CO! Crazy year for the riders! What ups and downs. Love this squad. Let’s cash in!

  19. Ball N

    Rico 10X funnier when he wears his greaseball suit glasses and chains

  20. bville bobcat

    When will we get a BARSTOOL BOWL??

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