Real Madrid knock Liverpool out of the Champions League

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Liverpool are out of the 2022/23 Champions League after losing 6-2 on aggregate to Real Madrid.

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  1. Randy

    Massive congratulations to Real Madrid 🎉

  2. Vinnie Dixon

    I'm so shocked by this…………NOT!!!!!!

  3. MGEE91

    What I dont get is that how on earth do bookies have city as a favorites to win the ucl every year when there biggest achievement is reaching to the final once?

  4. kalima Fatty

    Only Chelsea an man City can beat Real Madrid to be honest 😒

  5. Sylva ConceptTV

    They always put City as No.1 favourite to win UCL 😂😂😂

  6. sean helm

    😂 liverpool are done
    There is no cup for them maybe in another 29 years 😂😂😂😂😂😂😮


    Such a sweet melody on my ears.
    Liverpool can go dry…. 😏😂

  8. Emrahn Mia

    Madrid knocked them out last week already 😂

  9. KENG

    The less English teams the better. Their mouth has never matched their talent. They should keep quiet

  10. Mir Tasman Hossain

    Bookies should go and consult with a top class psychiatrist

  11. Ezra Ezra

    Only losing 0-1 at Bernabeu? This is not an humiliating exit. They are playing well, but are so close to score the goal (or maybe, not even scored at least one goal) because of issues with midfield and forward.

  12. Vivere Pericoloso

    still waiting for Salah's revenge….. or should we wait for another 30 years?

  13. Biswajit

    Looserpool is a very scary team. We were lucky that Looserpool didn't score 50 goals last night. Salah himself could've scored 30 goals but we were lucky. We were lucky Mr. Flopp didn't score 2-3 goals last night, he was like "let me be on the pitch, I will score goals and will dance running all the night on the pitch, because looserpool is the best team in the Universe"

  14. Artistic N gainz r🌹cker Zai

    Well well Liverpool hmmm 😉 man utd fan here and we beat barca too

  15. Dark Star

    Honestly only Chelsea can give them challenge as in Europe they always show up and be very difficult opposition

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