Los Angeles Chargers vs. San Francisco 49ers | 2022 Week 10 Game Highlights

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  1. Marco Smit

    Jimmy G had started to build chemistry with Ayiuk. Really too bad JG could not finish the season. They should have activated him for the NFCCG.

  2. Sheldon Baqui

    Exposed, this will be the blue print for the Eagles, trust me, they looked at this, Eagles D so much better, and the O is 10x better than LA, Brock will be exposed as well. We going Hunting! FEF!!!!

  3. Sin City

    Boy, I❤❤❤❤me some Hufanga😍😍😍😍😍😍😍!!

  4. Annie Rose

    Thank you for the load. Fun game. Just couldn’t scream every time 9ers play bcz my dog will bark n I don’t want that lol. But I was dancing instead lol. God bless

  5. Sam the man with the plan

    This was one of 3: the best best days of my 2022 which gave me hope and has helped me start to work on changing my life for the better. Thanks 49er a great organization. Also a special thanks to the app Bcrew when I was a kid it was my favorite color.

  6. Wrestling Funhouse

    Coming back here to say this will be the super bowl

  7. Chase Chapman

    Eyyyoooo they mention brock purdy and now he's leading us into the playoffs!

  8. Cosmic1

    Things sure do look different with Brock full-time

  9. Custer244

    I got a kick out of the Home Depot ad as they talked about Carlos waiting for the H.D. to open because he needs a better life – a euphemism for illegally here and we don't mind if he breaks the law as long as he shops at Home Depot.

  10. pat graeme

    Funny how they mentioned Purdy and called him Mr irrelevant even though he is the key to the niners war machine. 4-0 against all playoff teams. ( yes jimmy played 1 series against Miami)


    Ngl y’all got lucky ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  12. Human49 B

    Greenlaw slowed down the impact to prevent death to @ reckless opponent! Do not forget that fact NFL.

  13. Mad Dawg2159

    i would like to see more defensive plays that force a punt

  14. Efrain Sanchez

    4:50 what a perfect throw on the run from jimmy g, right on the money

  15. Frank Rizzo

    Lazy ass slow moving Charger substitutions on McCaffrey's 4th quarter touchdown run! 🤣

  16. Poppa Smalls

    Greenlaw a weapon but he needs chill with the late hits 😂

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